Posted by: granny1947 | December 3, 2010

Granny and finally it is Friday

Good Morning All.

I woke up this morning to the sound of water dripping from the gutters.
Much as I love my morning walk sometimes it is great to get another half an hour nap.
16 year old is coming for the weekend so Jasmine might get a walk later.
She was,pointedly, ignoring me as I left for work.

So…Russia has the next world cup.
The best of British luck to them.
Am still wondering what we are going to do with all those wonderful stadiums.
That are going to cost a fortune to maintain.
Now that I am having to pay the Receiver all that extra money I take great interest in what the goverment is spending MY money on.

In other news our elevator is not working.
I will be getting a fair amount of exercise everytime the coffee urge hits me.
My boss is in a VERY good mood.
I am suspicious.

And now I am off to the tyre people to see about the puncture they never fixed properly.
Am practicing my granny look.
They should be very afraid.


  1. @Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor on Twitter last night:
    “Oh sod off Putin; one isn’t in the mood for Russian gloating.”
    ” Sending a fleet of submarines to Russia with one’s ‘congratulations’ ”

    Good luck and have a fab Friday … only 8 hours until wine o clock!

    • Still EIGHT hours Cindy? Damnit!

  2. I was also quite happy this morning to hear it raining hard. That 30min extra sleep did wonders!

    • Hi Rose…Unfortunately I didn’t get an extra half an hour…Jasmine wanted food…still trying to rain here.

  3. wine o clock has been and gone, i’m thinking about scotch at 6

    • Eeuuuuuuuw….Scotch…that is like giving me medicine!

  4. My daughter downloaded a horn app onto her smart phone, complete with a vuvuzela. I wanted to throw her phone out the window when she played it for me. The World Cup now has that connotation for me. Wonder what the Russians will come up with? Good luck with your tyre (tire here in the US). Aren’t cars a pain?

    • Hello There Blogbrarian…I don’t blame you…I hate the damn things…the worst thing is they fill up with spit…then they flick them..oh hell…I don’t even want to think about it!!!

  5. Did you find out why your boss was in such a good mood?

    • Good Evening HP…nope…he seemed to stay that way all day…very worrying!

  6. My car got new shoes today, which is just as well with all the rain……I thought I was a Racing Driver cos I was on slicks!

    • Lol Supa…that must have cost a pretty penny…ouch!

  7. Oh, I’d LOVE to see that Granny look! Something tells me you can be as formidable as you are funny! LOL!!! 🙂

    • I’d like to see it too RD…I believe it is fearsome!

  8. There’s always a silver lining, Granny…you were not in the elevator when it decided to quit! 🙂 Enjoy the weekend.

    • Hmmmmmmm Souldipper…might have had a nice break in the thing!!!

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