Posted by: granny1947 | December 2, 2010

Granny’s Thursday Thoughts

Good Morning All.

They say the camera never lies.
Not true.
From the pics I took this morning one would think it was a beautiful day on the beach.
Not so.
It was blowing a gale and really unpleasant.
Jasmine,however, didn’t seem to mind.

What WAS strange,this morning, were the birds.
Thousands upon thousands of them.
Shades of Alfred Hitchcock.
Wonder if they know something we don’t?

I hate this time of the year at work.
I call it the silly season.
People get petty.
They stay away from work.
There are constant fights.
I guess it is the end of the year and people are just tired out.
It will be a miracle if I get through to the 15th without killing someone.
Or seriously wounding them.

I cannot get over the Teachers Union in this country.
They have suggested that black students should be marked differently to white students.
How offensive can they be?
If I was an intelligent black person I would be furious.
Those union leaders  need to go back to school.

Now let me get on with my work.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. The last time I enjoyed this time of year was when I was in school. Ever since then I somehow ended up working just about every December. Something idiotic about how people with kids should get first preference. So this time of year I’m normally grumpy and tired. This high whispy clouds are beautiful!

    • Good Morning Rose….hehehe…very idiotic!
      I am always grumpy and tired so nothing changes!

  2. This time of the year make my teeth ache! You have those that are so jolly and full of the joys of Christmas that you consider using them as a Tree Fairy – and then you have the other half who turn into miserble sods with a yearning to get fired. 😦
    Hmmm… that top picture doesn’t lie! Check the spray on them horses! That is a very strong “breeze” blowing…. 🙂

    • Damnit Frog…the camera MUST lie…I can’t possibly look like that!!!!

      • LMAO!!!

  3. Yep, a right bunch of loons all over the place at this time of year. Wish I was heading down your way 😦

    • Oh Dear Cindy…aren’t you coming down at all?

  4. I’m always amazed that the wind is howling our side yet 25km in somerset West it calm and warm.

    • Hi Rob….you are so right…my boss was riding in Tokai early this morning…not a breath of wind…just the other side of the mountain.

  5. I think that first pic looks extremely windy. I’m very allergic to wind, well, at least my hair is. Hope you make it to closing day without killing anyone, granny. Hugs xx

    • So do I AD…though a state paid holiday is starting to sound good!

  6. Wow, there’s SO much wrong with what the TU is proposing, it makes my head spin. I don’t even want to start on that. On a lighter topic, we had HEAVY rains and winds in excess of 60 mph yesterday; I thought the house was going to blow apart! Today the roof and yard are full of downed tree branches. I wish Mother Nature would clean up her own messes! LOL

    • Hello RD…Tell me about it…they are complete idiots…sigh.
      Mother Nature cleans up her own mess on the beaches…thank heavens!

  7. Right now a trip to the sea, gale-force winds and all, would be wonderful.

    • I have told you before Madmom…always a bed for you here!!!

  8. I hope they are gone by the time I get there!!!

    • Hey MissChris…when are you coming down?

  9. I do visit you, quite often in fact.

    • I know Supa…was just teasing you now you are a foodie!!!

  10. Our lot at work are definitely in the party mood already with work on the back seat, and Christmas Carols being played in the office. I must admit I’m feeling like the grinch trying to get too many things sorted before tomorrow.

    • Oh wow…do you finish up tomorrow HP…lucky girl!!

  11. Love the drama in the photos. The clouds take so many different patterns. Hang in, Granny, I hope you have a good break over the festive season.

    • Good Morning Souldipper….I hope so too….as I am working on until the day before Xmas and having to visit my mother which is going to take away four rest days I have my doubts.Wow…one long sentence…think it should have a few punctuation marks!!!

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