Posted by: granny1947 | November 29, 2010

Granny shouts Yippee!!!!!!!!!

Hello All.
Look at the time.
And I am at work.
It IS my lunch break.
Somehow we are now allowed back onto the net.
Happy days.

It is the first bright thing to happen today.
Woke up this morning and the pain in my neck and back was back with a vengeance.
Then I had another flat tyre on my way to work.
Fortunately, near to a garage.
The same tyre I had “fixed” on Friday.
I should take it back today but I really don’t feel up to it.
Hopefully the air will last until tomorrow.

I bumped into another woman on the beach this morning.
This one has REAL problems.
The father of her child agreed to her staying home and he has supported her for 16 years.
Now he has taken the child to stay with him(it was supposed to be temporary) and has cut off her support.
She has had to sell her car to survive.
No goverment agencies are prepared to help her.
She is the wrong colour.
I feel a lot more sorry for her than the other one who can’t support herself on R12000 with no rent or utilities to pay!!!
Living in our village with no transport is dreadful.
Public transport is virtually non existent.
Suddenly my life looks extremely good.

And now I am going off to the shops.
It is so good to be back.
You know what I mean.


  1. Oh yay, welcome back!
    Poor woman, I suppose that finding a job now will be very difficult for her 😦

    • Yes Cindy…nearly impossible….she is talking about becoming an escort…and I think she is serious!

  2. Hi granny. You do meet some needy people on the beach. Those pics are beautiful. Glad you’re back on the net at work. that must be great. You sound very upbeat today. Hope the neck and back pain go away soon. Hugs xx

    • Gee AD…I am getting good at faking it!!! Downbeat is more my mood today tho’ I AM happy to be back in contact…good thing the LD Troll is not here!

  3. *SIGH* Tis sad that even a world away (sort of) that those who need the help the most can’t get it,and those who don’t deserve it at all get their share and then some. My hubby sees it daily at his work and we’re busting butt to just make ends meet…Very disheartening,but as I have always said…The meek SHALL inherit the Earth and when they do,all those underdogs are going to seriously mess with the powers that be that treated them so shabbily.
    In other news,I posted again,and am feeling very post-y again so I may post even more and that leaves me to wonder…what WILL Granny do if she isn’t fretting about whether or not I am ok? 😉
    p.s. I have that Prozac but since it was intended for Jasmine,I baked it into dog biscuits but if you’re game…muhahahaha

    • Hello Morgue…I am so happy you have posted again…I shall shuffle over just now to see.
      Dog biscuits with Prozac….hmmmmmmmmm….what else have you put in them?

  4. poor woman.

    • I know Sidey…I really feel for her.

  5. Well, if you MUST know…I let the cats toss in some of their catnip,just to either confuse Jasmine or give her an extra boost. We are,however,not responsible if she starts meowing and would rather lay indoors than go for walks on the beach.:p

    • I am definitely going to taste them….have always wanted to be able to scratch my own back….and snuggle up to someone and purr without getting strange looks!

  6. Welcome “back.” It’s so good to see your post start with a “Yippee.”

    • Thanks Bud…great to be in contact while my brain is still awake!

  7. Yay you! How great is it to have access to the blogs again during the day!
    How sad about that woman. Finding a job once you’ve been out of the job market for that length of time is extremely difficult.

    • I know HP….almost impossible.

  8. Sad that.She does qualify for legal aid though and should sue his silly ass from under him.Hope your neck and back can be fixed soon?

    • The lawyer assigned to her through legal aid has been postponing her appointment for SEVEN months.

  9. Poor woman. I hope she finds someone to help her back on her feet or some kind of help.
    Can I have some of Jasmines special biscuits morgueticiaatoms made? Please, pretty please?

    • Morning Madmom…I will have to give that some serious thought…don’t know if I want to share!

  10. Why are so many women in the world facing senior years and poverty at the same time? It breaks my heart with a vengeance. Don’t get me goin’…!

    Let’s encourage every woman to at least have her own private bank account that only she knows about. At least that.

    • Good Morning Souldipper….I know…I am one of them….mine has come from raising a second family…that is now over but it is too late to accummulate anything much.

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