Posted by: granny1947 | November 26, 2010

Granny’s Thursday/Friday


Hello All.
Where am I ?
What have I been up to?
Where to start.

Yesterday I was kind of upset.
Not heartbroken upset.
Just a bit sad.
My cellphone went in the morning.
Saw it was my younger daughter.
The one who has not spoken to me for six months.
I said “hello, how are you?”
She said…”sorry…wrong number” and hung up.
She was trying to phone her brother.
His name is next to mine on her phone.
Big oops.
Silly cow!

This morning I saw my favourite swimming Staffie.
Just love this dog.
He adores the water.
Spends most of the time in the sea.
Jumping over the waves.
Emerges now and again to smile at his owner and heads straight back in again.

Then, today, I went to watch the six year old at her playschool.
We had a half hour demonstration of her ballet followed by half an hour of her tumble bears routine.
It was very sweet.
I thought she was the best.
Well, I would…wouldn’t I???

Got out to the car to go back to work to find I had a flat tyre.
There was just enough air to get me to the nearest garage to have it pumped up.
Then to the repair shop to have it fixed.
A damn nail in the tyre.

Then, tonight, Mex took me out to supper.
To the restuarant in the little game reserve.
I spent a very entertaining hour watching a baby peacock trying to keep up with it’s mother.
I think she was trying to teach it to fly.
She kept going up to high spots and it would battle to get to her.
Or she was just plain mean!

Now I am off to bed.
Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Hi granny. That’s really sad about your daughter. My sister has a daughter who hasn’t spoken to her and her husband for almost 3 years. It’s really sad when people just cut you out of their lives for no good reason that you can see. Your little granddaughter looks really sweet, and I”m sure she was the best, You should know, hey? Glad you had a nice supper out. We did too. Sleep well. Love and Hugs to you xx

    • Hello AD…three years?…wow…that is a long time….I could try to break the ice but that will just be opening myself up to abuse again…let sleeping dogs lie!

  2. Sorry about your mean dort, I’d give her a slap if I knew where to find her.
    Oh course your GD was the best!
    Enjoy your Saturday, love you much. xxx

    • Hello Cindy…there will always be a mean dort somewhere…she has to live with herself.

  3. Now there’s a woman who is going to have to face herself some day, Granny. I hope you are around the day she needs to talk to you!

    Is that dog a whale wannabe? Sleek looking water baby.

    And the wee lass in her dance costume. What a treat for you to be able to watch and glow. over her every move. Glad you lapped it up!

  4. Granny, I know this is a double-dip, but I’m bamboozled! I have not been receiving notice of your posts! I have even been over here in my frozen snow bank fussing about you and asking that you be okay! I just went over days of you fabulous photos and updates of your well-being.

    I’m off to re-subscribe. Good grief…damned hard to find good Granny fixes…

    • Awwwwww…thank you Souldipper…that is so sweet of you.

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