Posted by: granny1947 | November 23, 2010

Granny’s tedious Tuesday

Good Evening Everyone.

I am starting to worry about my mental state.

Does anyone out there play Bounceout?
I thought not.
My granddaughter introduced me to the damn game.
The 16year old.
Not the six year old.
I managed to get onto the leaderboard several times.
After months of trying.
And being gently mocked by the teenager.
Then she came to stay with me.
Knocked me completely off the board.
Set, what I thought, was an impossible score.
I am nothing if not tenacious.
Tonight I got into third place.
Have just sms’d her to tell her.
What do they say about small things and small minds?
I have ruined my eyesight.
I have computer elbow,shoulder and back.

BUT I DID IT!!!!!!!!

Now to get into number one position and then I never want to see the game again.

Damn this competitive streak.

Now…after that erudite, imformative and compelling bit of information I wish you all a great evening.
I am going to bed.
To dream of coloured balls bouncing all ovwer the place.



  1. oh dear, these damn games obsess us!

    • I don’t know about us Sidey but definitely me.

  2. 🙂

  3. You are a complete nutter……I would do the same! 🙂

    • Give it a bash Supa…come on …be a devil.

  4. lol, you will have to give us a link to this game 😉

    • Hi Blanket…I don’t know where I got it….think from my stepdaughter but I am sure it is on the internet.

  5. I never heard of Bounceout – guess I’d need to have young children or grandchildren! I know how addictive those darned games can be, though. Hope you hit #1 before your elbow, shoulder, and back give out! LOL

    Gorgeous pic, by the way.

    • Too late RD…I am a gibbering wreck!

  6. What is Bouncealot???

    • Hi Cindy…they bounce a lot but it is called BOUNCEOUT!!!!

  7. Excuse me please… I have a game to find and a score to beat…… *evil cackle fades off into the distance*

    • He who laughs last etc Lynda…let me know how you are doing!

  8. Humph, exactly what Lyndatjie has said, off I go to find out more.

    • Well, come on Napier…have you found it and what is your score?

  9. Nooo, now I just have to find out what Bounceout is and where to find it.
    Hope you get the number one spot soon, Granny.

    • I very much doubt it is going to happen madmom.

  10. Off to look for Bounceout!

    • Hello HP…I don’t think you qualify for this challenge!

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