Posted by: granny1947 | November 22, 2010

Granny’s mixed up Monday

Good Evening All.
Another perfect day on our beach.
Aren’t you guys getting sick of these same pics every day?
The 45km winds never arrived.
It was just great.

Jasmine had a ball.

Now…because I am braindead(I really don’t like blogging at night) a few ups and downs.
Let’s start with the downs.
Get them out of the way.

I am so tired.
There is no way I am going to be able to give up work.
Starving is such an ugly way to go.
The Receiver of Revenue is out to get me.
I haven’t spoken to my younger daughter for six months.
Don’t know if I ever will.
I think I have picked up some weight.
Hell, I KNOW I have.
Too scared to get on the scale.
The ostrich is my favourite bird/animal.


I have four kids plus the grandchild I adopted.
Four of the five are talking to me.
Not a bad average.
I live in the most beautiful part of the world.
I have a wonderful daughter in law.
I have incredible friends.
I have Jasmine.
I have Tom(I think that is an up) (he is such a bossy cat)
I have a job I quite like.
I am healthy(would be healthier if I gave up smoking)

There we go….the ups outweigh the downs.

The shaky Lithuanian woman came around yesterday.
I have finished her CV.
When her husband sends her money I am taking her shopping.
Making out some menus.
Trying to teach her to budget.
Am going to take away her bank card.
Good Grief….I have another child.
I refuse to adopt her rabbit.

And now…let me phone my Mom.
She hasn’t been too well.



  1. I never get tired of your photos, keep them coming.

    • Thanks Rob…so kind of you!

  2. And another plus, u have me!!! Mwahxx

    • Ah Belinda…love you too!

  3. Hi granny. Your ups sound good; the downs a bit scary. You’ve really taken that Lithuanuan woman under your wing. You’re a honey. Hope she appreciates you. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…think I might be making a HUGE mistake…time will tell.

  4. I love every one of your photos – no two are exactly alike and each has its own beauty. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with your youngest daughter, she’s really missing out on a lot by not speaking to you. But, you never know, someday things could turn around, and as you say, your postives far outweigh the negatives. Stay focused on those! I sure hope that Lithuanian woman appreciates all you’re doing for her – she’s VERY lucky to have you in her life!

    • Hello RD….she is going to end up hating me….the woman spends thousands on food(so she says) and there is only her!!!

  5. Take heart, the Troll has only just started talking to me since May, it’s all very stilted and polite but we are at least talking….until the next time I piss her off! 🙂
    As for your pics, I live in a dirty inland town, how can I get fed up with them??????

    • Hi Supa…it isn’t really worrying me…much…more peaceful this way!!!

  6. Your pictures are the highlight of my day – see, that’s why I don’t blog – I lead an extremely boring life. With my kids overseas I tend to do the work, home, animals, work, home animals routine. Not much to blog about – and I’m scared Supa will throw her zimmerframe at me – she’s not that far away from me!

    • Good heavens Wolf…I bet my day is far more boring than yours…come on…be a devil…blog!

  7. Have a wonderful day today granny. I am blesed with my children but Hooligan and I have a very love / hate relationship!

    • Hi MissChris….my relationship with the younger is more hate than love….no not true…I love her to bits but I don’t LIKE her!

  8. Well, if your neighbour spends thousands on food just for herself, how much does she throw away? She could feed you too – and Mex… haha! Hope you are going to be appreciated by her in the end. Take care. I’ll see you next week sometime. 🙂

    • Adee!!!! Are you coming down to the fairest Cape? We HAVE to meet.

  9. How is mum doing???? Is she ok?
    You are right – your Lithuanuan auntie sounds very much like a child who still needs to learn to stand on their own two feet. Just be careful that she doesn’t stand on YOUR two feet and not her own. Eish – your heart is bigger than Kimberley’s butt! 🙂
    If you ever stop your photos – I will personally come and rip your toenails out…. it is the highlight of my day. (And I love the fact that Supa turns green every time she sees it… *grin*)

    • Hi Frog…rip out my toenails? Ouch! Good luck with that one!
      Mum says she is a little better….still trying to get cranberry juice…will phone after seven.

  10. I love your photos.

    Your ups are also that (as Lyndatjie puuts it) is bigger than your butt, and that the universe will deliver it back.

    • Hehehe sidey…wish the universe would hurry up!

  11. We’ll never get tired of your photos.
    Why is liking ostriches a down?

    How much money is the Lithuanian husband sending?
    Just asking …

    • Hi Cinds…R12000 a month…she has no rent,no electricity etc…just food.
      Have not heard a word since I told her I am going to take away her card!!!

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