Posted by: granny1947 | November 21, 2010

Granny’s soaking Sunday

Good Morning All.

Another picture from Friday morning.
No new ones I am afraid.
Rain, rain and more rain.
Someone should remind the weather god that we are a winter rainfall area.
I put Jasmine’s food out on the verandah just now.
There were clouds but a bit of blue sky.
Told her we would probably go for a walk later.
Made some coffee and heard water running.
NO blue sky and pouring rain.
Cape Town never fails to amaze me.
The weather just sneaks up on you.
Jasmine is now in a deep depression.
I would love to take a photo to show you.
However, she associates the camera and walks.
If she hears the camera going on she will be jumping all over the place in anticipation.
You will have to take my word for it.
She is one sad dog.

I feel so sorry for the dogs next door.
A Labrador cross and a sausage dog.
They never go anywhere.
They are left outside all day while their owners are out.
And often for hours at night.
They sit on their verandah peering in through the glass doors.
And whine.
And whine.
And whine.
It breaks my heart.
And irritates me.
The little dog is as vicious as hell.
Not happy dogs.
Much like their owners.
The daughter is the one who screams at her mother.
I haven’t heard her for a while.
Wonder if the Mom cracked.
Has buried her in the garden.
Anyway, my point was, some people should not be allowed to have animals.

The lottery was won last night.
Not by me.
I hope it was my mother.
There is still the Powerball on Tuesday.
43 million.
That might just be enough.

Rugby supporters will all be wearing black armbands today.
Scotland beat us yesterday.
They were the weakest team we have to play.
I heard a commentator,in the morning, say we will definitely beat Scotland.
Thought to myself…that is tempting fate.
England are going to walk all over us.
I will stick to cricket.
Or marbles.

Now I am going to, very gingerly, log onto the Receiver of Revenues website.
Fill in my final assessment.
See what my fines have gone up to.
Wish me luck.
Later I have the shaky Lithuanian coming around for me to finish off her CV.
Wish me more luck.
Actually, this appears to be quite a shyte Sunday.
Must think of something to do to brighten up the day.
Any ideas?


  1. Well, I just hope the rain isn’t going to waste but is filling up the dams! Better to have a bit too much than not enough, eh?

    • Morning Adee…I don’t mind the rain…it is the look on Jasmine’s face that gets to me.

  2. if it helps,
    I love you 😉

    • Ahhhhhh Sidey…thank you love…love you too!

  3. Poor Jasmine. I suppose it doesn’t help to tell you that it’s wonderfully sunny here? Sorry you didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t either, if that makes you feel better, but then I didn’t enter.:) Hope your Sunday is good though and that the Receiver has no shocks for you. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD….no it doesn’t help at all!!!!

  4. It’s a bugger about the lottery, some sod got 29 million! Oh well I’ll give the powerball a bash on Tuesday. *fingers crossed*

    • Hi Supa…I hope the sod was a poor one and not some corrupt goverment official.

  5. Hope your sunday improves. Or at least it gets sunny in the afternoon.

    • Thanks Nzwaa….it looks like the rain has set in for the whole day and tomorrow and Tuesday they are forecasting 45km winds…sigh.

  6. Shame Granny, I feel so sorry for those dogs, they do sound sad:(
    Sorry about all the rain but the picture is beautiful!!! 🙂

    • Hello Hopestar…so good to see you here…thanks for the visit love.

  7. Come over, I have nice things in the oven.
    And wine.

      Damn caps!

  8. It’s probably almost nighttime over there now, but I hope both your sticky situations went well! I agree, some people shouldn’t have dogs. Why on earth would they even want to have dogs if they’re going to ignore them?? Some people can be very strange…

    Hope your day went better than anticipated and your final assessment wasn’t as bad as expected!

    • I agree RD….never see the pooches getting any love or attention.
      According to the e-filing the Receiver hasn’t done anything more…the suspense is killing me…literally!

  9. When I’m depressed,I dress my cats up in Spook’s outgrown baby clothes and make them parade around the house to the tune of “I’m too Sexy.” Ok, not really, because my cats are not cooperative little beasts, but I do have this stuffed pig that walks and plays that song, and Spooky adores that thing, so if I get too low, I just turn him on and she starts dancing and shaking her booty and it’s just like…what was I sad about again? Wish I had a video camera so I could share it with you guys, cos it is awesome. Then again, she also has a yodeling goat that she dances to, so maybe I just find all things Spooky adorable cos I have baby rabies. Hang in there, lady. And if Jasmine needs a Prozac, I have an extra. 😉

    • Morgue you crack me up. You are going to be fine you know…your sense of humour will carry you through life.
      Can I have a couple of those Prozac???

  10. My family and friends all still look very miserable – so it wasn’t them who won the lottery. Damn! Nothing sadder than a poor woman who has poor friends and even poorer family. Bugger snot!

    • Hi Frog…..sure they aren’t all acting?????

  11. Lovely pic ….hope you had some progresse with the “Lituation”

    • Think I shall pass her over to you NA….she IS almost your next door neighbour!

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