Posted by: granny1947 | November 19, 2010

Granny and it’s finally Friday

Hello All.
I am so chuffed with the above picture.
Just love the colours.
Something had to be good about the walk.
It was blowing a gale and very unpleasant.

This picture was taken yesterday morning.
Spot the difference!

And…because I can….it IS my blog…another one from this morning.

I thought of my elder daughter this morning.
Actually, I think of her quite often.
When she was seven she had a hole in her heart repaired.
She was in a ward with five other kids.
Nurses came in and started taking blood from all the kids.
As they worked on each child the kid yelled lustily.
They did all five of the other kids and then left.
My daughter was a wreck.
So was I.
This morning I found out that the auditors left today.
After a week of stressing about their visit they never came to me!
Do you think I need to change my deoderant?

Now I am off to have a shower.
I will answer all my comments from you lovely people tomorrow.
I don’t have to set my alarm.
Jasmine will wake me anyway.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. Also love the photo, but you always post such good pics that make me long for the sea again.
    Have a good weekend, Granny.

    • Hello Madmom…make a plan girl…come and visit!

  2. I hate being sand blasted on the beach, have a lovely weekend.

    • Hi Supa…there was no sandblasting today just a cold wind straight off the sea…and lots of bluebottles.

  3. Those pictures, Granny. Oh, those pictures.

    And the blood letting would make anyone a wreck. Yikes! My oldest girl is terrified of needles, even now as a young woman, she practically passes out at the sight of them.

    • Hello Joann….aren’t you supposed to working on your book?Hmmmmmmmm

  4. Hi granny. Gorgeous pics as usual. You could retir and take pics for postcards and Nat Geo. Glad the auditors didn’t get around to you. Sure it was nothing personal;-> Sleep well, you deserve it. Hugs xx

    • Thank you AD…any contacts at national Geo???

  5. Ain’t rejection lousy?
    Lovely pics as always.
    Enjoy Saturday.

    • Morning Cindy….Saturday came and went…hubby back…is your blog block over?

  6. I love the bottom pic more! See – sometimes we worry for nothing….! 😆

    • I know Adee…a complete waste of a worry!!!

  7. don’t change your deodorant, if it keeps the auditirs at bay it has a great value

    • Good Morning Sidey…just read your post on LD…you have such talent.

  8. No,no,no Granny – the Auditors didn’t come to you ’cause they knew how good you were and were scared you would criticise them!!
    Thank you for my Saturday fix of pics! Beautiful as always – the top one is especially stunning …. mmmmmmm, no actually can’t pick a favourite they’re all great.

    • Good Morning Wolf….when are you going to start a blog…hmmmmmmmm?

  9. Gorgeous picture … the clouds and colors almost make it two dimensional on my computer screen. Isn’t it interesting how often we make ourselves crazy over things that never happen?

    • Yes Bud….the colours were so strange…it didn’t feel like MY beach at all….guess that is why I love the place so much….the same but not the same!

  10. I love the word, “chuffed”. I am going to use it in at least two sentences this week. I’m still alive, by the by. Overworked and unappreciated, but alive just the same. Hope all is well on your side of the world.

    • Hi There Blogbrarian…so nice to hear from you…I was a little concerned…aren’t we all overworked and unappreciated?
      Yep…I love the word too…very expressive.

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