Posted by: granny1947 | November 17, 2010

Granny’s not so windy Wednesday

Good Evening All.

A very short post.
This Granny has run out of oomph.
Big time.
Talking about big.
I am picking up weight.

I only took three pics this morning and my batteries ran flat.
I am talking about my camera batteries.
My body batteries are running on low.
Need recharging.
Wonder what I can plug myself into?

My younger son popped in this morning.
Had a cup of coffee with me.
Still isn’t smoking.
Is still grumpy.
But grumpy.
Glad I don’t live with him.

There is a conspiracy afoot.
My staff are playing Christmas carols.
ALL day.
It is driving me demented.
They are all out to get me.
Even the men in white coats.

On that nutty note I am off to shower.
I think there is a very funny black comedian on at nine thirty.
Have to try and stay awake for him.
I need the laugh.

Catch you tomorrow.
When I post and tell you I have won the lottery and am going house hunting.



  1. Hi granny. “Oomph” is a rare commodity some days, isn’t it? I can’t stand Christmas carols in November. Only allowed on Christmas day. Would drive me mad to have them playing in my office, if I had one. Enjoy the funny man. Hugs xx

  2. Christmas carols should be kept to the week before christmas and stopped after the 26th

    • You are so right Sidey…but I just don’t have the Xmas feeling this year.

  3. There must be something in the international air today – I had an off day too, made tons of mistakes and felt like my brain wasn’t working on all cylinders. Hate days like that!

    PS- Did you send the wind here? We’re having 50 mph winds all day!

    • Yes RD…I shared the wind with you but I think I am taking it back tomorrow!

  4. Good evening from Alberta, Granny. Lovely picture of the beach. They’ve started the Christmas caroling already? Ha ha ha! All we’ve got here is stores full of Christmas trees, and 24/7 advertisements for the ‘must-have’ gifts of the year! I love Christmas, but I think the business hype is way over done. Glad I’ve got most of my shopping done already. Take care — hope you get your oomph back!
    Kathy Larson

    • Oh wow Klrs…I haven’t even thought about Xmas much less bought anything…I am impressed.

  5. Agree with Sidey re Christmas carols.

    • Me too Adee…thank heavens it never happened today…I might have had to be Scrooge!

  6. Oomphless month all round, it seems.
    Phone me when you’ve booked my plane ticket, I am the world’s best house-hunting companion.

    • You are on Cindy….will let you know in the morning!

  7. That picture is stunning!! Soul food for a pisces!

    • Thank you Wolf…I hope you see today’s…I really like them.

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