Posted by: granny1947 | November 16, 2010

Granny’s melting Monday

Hello There.
I started this post last night.
Downloaded the picture and looked at the screen.
Saved it and was asleep at eight thirty.
Reading until after midnight and the heat will do that to me.
Today was also supposed to be hot but the howling gales helped with the heat.
I do not enjoy heat.
South African and I don’t like summer.
Must be a throwback from the myriads of my ancestors.

So what has happened to me since Saturday?

Well, my elder son took us out to supper on Sunday night.
He does not like Jasmine.
Would rather spend a fortune than come around here.
I wonder if I brought the correct baby home from the hospital?
Yes I did.
He weighed ten pounds and was the biggest baby there.
I wouldn’t have got away with trying to swap him.

This evening I got home and the company phoned me.
We had forgotten to close the blinds.
Too much temptation for would be thieves.
I had to go all the way back over the mountain.
One of my guys is in BIG trouble tomorrow.

My DIL had to go away for the day on business.
I played Gran’s taxi and picked up the 6 year old and dropped her off with her brother.
Had to play “I spy” all the way home.
To distract her I asked her what she wants for Xmas.
She isn’t kidding either.
She certainly won’t be getting it from me!

And now, dear friends, I am going off to shower and sleep.
Old age is not for sissies.


  1. That is a wonderful photo!

    • Thank you Supa…how is the neck and back tonight?

  2. He does not like Jasmine.
    Can’t be yours!

    My husband is in Cape Town right now, would kill to change places.

    love you

    • Hi Cindy….you poor thing…wish you were here too…would love to be sharing a glass of wine with you right now…love you too girl.

  3. I arrived at work to find we now have no air con at all, so from freezing we’ve now gone to the indoor sauna of 35 degrees 😦
    How can anyone NOT like Jasmine?
    Hope tomorrow is a whole lot better for you.

    • Hi HP…if that was me I would turn around and go back home…am battling enough wearing tackies and socks to work…grumble,grumble.

  4. Hi granny. Does Jasmine like elder son? Maybe it’s mutual. I think 6-year-olds always do want everything. She’ll learn. Love the pic. Hope you have a great night’s sleep. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…Jasmine loves everyone…that is the problem…she gets too enthusiastic!

  5. I hope Jasmine pees on his foot for being so nasty to her. Wasn’t that heat on Monday awful? I was stuck in a marquee and refused to move away from the Air Conditioner. I think this summer I might die from the heat… 😦 (Wonder if work will install a swimming pool for me in my office? *contemplative look*

    • Hello Frog…if you get the pool right I am coming to work for you!

  6. sounds like you have to make her an everything box, so she can put everything away safely

    • What a wonderful idea Sidey….a box full of nothing…I can just picture the look on her face!

  7. Hope you all had a good day today. 😀

    • Hello Adee…I had a torrid day today…am off to bed in a minute!

  8. How can anybody not love/like Jamine? i love and like her just from her pictures…


    • Hello Christina….thank you so much for the visit…anyone who likes Jasmine is a friend of mine!

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