Granny’s Sunday…so far.

Good Morning all.
I can’t believe I have not posted since Thursday.
I am really slipping.

One reason is that, on Friday, the bilious bug moved lower down.
Everything I ate or drank caused stomach cramps.
And we had to go to friends for supper on Friday night.
A good thing I have a high pain threshhold.
No cramps were going to stop me eating.
She is a wonderful cook.
I did, however, have a loo roll on the dashboard(mental note…it is still there)
Just in case, you know.
It wasn’t needed.
Or this post would have been a lot more interesting.

Yesterday was quite hectic.
16 year old was doing a breakfast at the school.
Part of her hospitality exam.
I thought breakfast….probably at about nine o’clock…so I also arranged to pick up elder son at the airport at 11:30.
Turns out breakfast was at TEN!
I was able to shovel a bit of food down and then I had to race off to the airport.
A forty five minute drive from the school.
My son got there about ten minutes before me but that was ok.

Younger son was also at the breakfast.
As sick as a dog(where does that expression come from?)
He suffers from asthma and he had flu.
He kept having to go outside to try and breathe.
He had not had a smoke for three days.
He was in a foul mood.
He went to the doctor, later, who said there is swine flu around although they have not announced it.
I phoned this morning to find out if he was foraging around in the dustbins.
He wasn’t.
Guess he has ordinary flu.
For some reason he didn’t find this amusing.
His sense of humour must be linked to his smoking.

17 year old is here.
About to cut the grass for me.
I knew there had to be some GOOD reason for having grandkids.

I nearly didn’t go to the beach this morning.
The wind was howling around the house.
But I couldn’t stand the look on Jasmine’s face.
It was lovely down there.
A bit breezy but not unpleasant.
Jasmine had a ball.

Now I need to go to the shops.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

23 responses to “Granny’s Sunday…so far.”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. I hate tummy bugs! Hope I don’t catch yours reading your blog. The wind is pretty hectic today. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. So glad you’re feeling better today. Jasmine looks so happy there. Enjoy your shopping, or isn’t it that sort of shopping? Hugs xx

  3. That water looks so tempting and Jasmine has such a big grin on her face that I can see her tail wagging!

    Ugh, don’t talk to me about shopping – I hate it. Last pre-op tests tomorrow. Then, if all’s okay, have to shop for 2-3 months’ basics – rice, toilet paper, meat, butter, Omo, etc.

  4. Was starting to have withdrawal symptoms – no blog since Thursday!!! 🙂 Jasmine is such a lucky dog – she oozes happiness in that photo. Glad you’re feeling better. The bug has been doing the rounds up here in the mist belt as well. Have managed to avoid it so far – touch wood (taps head) – staff have been down with it.

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