Posted by: granny1947 | November 9, 2010

Granny’s terrible Tuesday

Hi All.
OK…the subject line is a bit of poetic licence.
It wasn’t that terrible.
I have spent most of the day in bed.
Finished my Terry Pratchett and started a Dean Koontz.
Have slept.
Boy have I slept.

I woke up during the night dripping with perspiration.
Several times.
Had to strip the bed today.
Woke up this morning and just made it to the loo.
Nausea came out of nowhere.
Wonder if I am pregnant?
Can’t possibly be all the choccies I have eaten.

Well, we went to the Flea Market on Sunday.
It was hot.
It was crowded.
A huge seagull pooped down my back.
It was such fun.

I am so angry about the rape of a school girl on Friday.
Our society is so sick.
She gets raped.
It is recorded by a crowd of kids on their cellphones.
The police do not arrest the the culprits because they have to write exams!!!!
The school authorities want to see if a crime has been committed.
What the fluck is happening to our country?
This country is SICK!!!
And these are our future leaders.
God help my grandkids!


  1. Hi Granny,

    Sorry to hear of your lousy day. I’m on day 2 of a bout of stomach flu — I would not wish this particular flu on anyone. Think my grandkids gave it to me. Can’t imagine a baby feeling the way I did yesterday.

    That is awful about the rape! We went through something very similar here in BC about a month and a half ago. It is simply appalling what young people are considering ‘entertainment’ these days.

    I just always try and tell myself that those involved are a minority group, not the majority.

    And then I close my eyes. . .

    hope you’re feeling better soon,


    • Thank you Klrs….I just could not carry on in the early hours….must say I feel a wee bit better this evening.
      As for the rape….somehow the present generation seems to have lost it…every one of those who watched were participating in the rape…makes me feel ill.

  2. Hi granny. Yes I agree with you about the way our country is headed. I also mentioned sexual harrassment by schoolboys today. Shocking in the extreme that they consider it entertaining. Hope you’re feeling much better now, but glad you had the chance of a rest and a reading catchup. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…will go over and look at your post tomorrow…am heading back to bed now.

  3. It is sad, shocking and outrageous 😦

    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Hello Cindy…am feeling rotten…damnit.

  4. OMG that is truly unbelievable. How can this happen? Don’t the public protest at all??

    I hope you feel better soon, stomach ills are sheer misery. There are lots of headcolds going around here, and I’m fighting one off now too. But that’s nothing compared to stomach problems!

    • Hello RD….It is one in the morning here…I have just got up to take some pills…now have a headache from hell.
      There does not seem to be too much outrage from the public but there has been quite a bit on the TV.

  5. They are letting them do their exams?????!!!!!!! Good God!
    Hope you feel better soonest.

    • Yes Supa…once again the law is on the side of the culprits…unbelievable.

  6. Ah, yes, but now they (the prosecutors) have let the two alleged offenders out of gaol saying that they don’t have enough evidence to hold them – what about all the cellphone recordings and about 100 witnesses…??? Our country is becoming a disgrace under this government too!

    • Hello Adee…I agree…I heard that on the news…I am gobsmacked.

  7. Missed you at work today. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. Aren’t there some cultures where a bird pooping on you means good luck?

    • Who are they Rose???/ I will join them now!

      • That’s we believe here in British Columbia. So get your bag packed!

      • Hi Souldipper…didn’t win the lottery….the flight will have to wait.

  9. You were pooped on by the seagull of lotto…this week-end you will win!! Ohhhmmm…LOL! love you…xxx

    • Oh My word NA…I hope you are right!!!

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