Posted by: granny1947 | November 7, 2010

Granny and the confrontation

Good Morning Everyone.

A glorious day here in the Cape.
We have to make the most of it.
Another damn coldfront due tomorrow.

So….Jasmine and I were on the beach before seven.
I didn’t take her yesterday so she was in high spirits.
There were a few people on the beach.
Several people walking their dogs.
A couple of joggers.
About ten kids surfing.

A woman and her little boy came walking towards us.
The kid was about four or five.
At this point I need to explain something about Jasmine.
She grew up with four of my grandkids in the house.
She loves kids in any shape,size or colour.
In her doggy mind kids equal playmates.
She bounded over to the two of them and licked the kid on the face.
The mother immediately picked the kid up.
I said sorry….that Jasmine loves kids.
The mother then said……
It is not alright, your dog should be on a lead or YOU SHOULD GET OFF THE BEACH.
Jasmine never knocked the kid over.
She LICKED the kid.

I just called Jasmine, shook my head and walked on.
Maybe the mother has been bitten by a dog?
Maybe she is one of those over protective Moms?
Maybe she just does not like dogs?
Her child had no problem whatsoever.
Unfortunately, the Mom is going to instill a fear of dogs into his little mind.
What a shame.

Anyway it detracted from a really good walk.
But we got over it.

Just now we are off to the flea market.
I enjoy flea markets.
When I have money.
This is not the case today.
Oh well…Mex will probably buy me something for breakfast.

The culprit.

Now I want to catch up on some posts.
I have been so NAAFI lately.

Have a wonderful day all of you.



  1. Shame, poor child! Have a great day!

    • Good Morning MissChris…it is sad….maybe he will survive his Mom?

  2. Good morning granny. So sorry that woman was unpleasant. Maybe her parents instilled a fear of dogs into her. Glad you had your walk before the cold sets in. Enjoy the flea market and the breakfast if you are treated to one. Hugs xx

    • Good Morning AD…I am sure I will be treated to something…have a great day too!

  3. Unfortunately for the child she will be affected/infected by the mom! Which reminds me, some people think dogs are DIRTY, LOL, and don’t want to be touched by them or by their saliva! Pity them… Enjoy your day, Gran. 🙂

    • Morning Adee…can’t relate to people who don’t like animals!

  4. Horrid woman 😦
    Enjoy the flea market, ask MEX to buy me a boerewors roll …

    • Hehehe Cindy…shall I eat it for you too?

  5. Daft woman 😦
    Have fun at the flea market, and enjoy the weather.

    • Morning HP…I cannot get onto your post at all…it is very strange…internet bombs out everytime I try…I can get onto everyone else’s!!!!

  6. how stupid not to like jasmine

    • Morning Sidey…what’s not to love?

  7. Jasmine’s put on a leeeetle weight…whatta cute middle-aged doggie!

    You’re right about that woman on the beach…poor kid.

    • Wash your mouth out with soap Veganese!!!!
      She has a lovely figure!!!!

  8. The photos suggest such good, crisp, clean air. The mist only makes it more magical.

    We have the same leash/no leash issues around here, Granny. I had one woman rage about another person whose dog was not on a leash, then proceeded to tell me she walks her dog without a leash where she thinks it’s okay.

    • Good Morning Souldipper…we are supposed to put the dogs on a leash but no-one does….the dogs have such a wonderful time…I could not take that away from Jasmine.

  9. There’s always one! Enjoy your day Granny.

    • Good Morning Supa…yes there IS always one but not on my beach please!

  10. What a shame that this woman is going to now bring forth another human being into the world who thinks that dogs should be feared. Its times like these that I wish my dogs pooped on command!

    • Your dogs DON’T???????

  11. Oh and why do they call it flea markets?
    Why would anybody buy a flea?

  12. Or did you get fleas for free!

    • I haven’t felt any….yet!

  13. I think I should stop now… BUT ITS BUGGING ME! Why is it called a FLEA market????? Argh!

    • Monday July 9, 2001 Previous | Next

      Dear Yahoo!:
      Where did the term “flea market” come from?

      Dear Maggie:
      After several unprofitable starts, a search on “flea market term” turned up the goods, sort of. It proved to be one of those tricky etymology questions that’s almost impossible to answer with certainty. Nevertheless, we did uncover three plausible suggestions for the origin of “flea market.”
      The first theory, and the one most popular on the Internet, proposes that the term is a direct translation of the French March頡ux Puces, a large, outdoor bazaar in Paris. This original market earned its name from the critter-infested goods it was rumored to sell.

      The second theory alleges that the term was coined at a time when the slums and alleys of Paris were demolished and replaced by new construction. The dealers in second-hand goods who lived and worked in these old neighborhoods were forced to flee. The merchants’ new gathering place was referred to as the “flee market,” which later became “flea market.”

      The final theory associates the term with New York City’s 18th century Fly Market. Apparently, the Dutch name for the market was vlie, which means valley but is pronounced “flea.”

      So there you have it, three flea markets for the price of one. Our money’s on the first explanation, but don’t hold us to it.

  14. Two beautiful pics Granny – and one child who will probably never know the love, loyalty & companionship of a dog. So sad.

    • I know Wolf…very sad….but then maybe she has had a bad experience….or maybe she is just nasty!

  15. Hi Granny!
    I haven’t been around here as often as I should.
    Bad Rose!
    But pics of Jasmine always make me smile.

    • Hi Rose…yes I have missed you….but I have been just as bad!

  16. Popping in to say hi 🙂 I have finally posted some pics I took last week of the clouds rolling over the mountain ….love ya! Hope you feel better soon *Mwah*

    • Hi Love…will pop over to see them now.

  17. Silly woman.Obviously one would never walk a vicious dog on the beach without a lead.

    • I know BB….just hope I never meet up with her again!

  18. I love children. It’s their parents who are usually the problem. Jasmine is a doll – give her a pat on her sweet head from me.

    • Hello Blogbrarian…I did one better…I gave her a hug!

  19. Ai the poor child, gosh the mother needs a biatch slap….

    Lovley dog


    • Thanks Young Lady….she is such a sweet natured dog too.

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