Posted by: granny1947 | November 4, 2010

Granny’s Thinking Thursday


Hello Everyone.
What a strange day.
If you look at the pic it looks like it will rain at any moment.
Funnily enough it didn’t feel like that.
It was fantastic down there.
And Jasmine and I were the only souls down there.
Not even a footprint on the sand.
No joggers.
No walkers.
Just us.
All that beauty and we didn’t have to share it.
Well, there were seagulls.
But…other than them…we were alone.

Half an hour later I left for work.
As I reached the mountain pass it started to rain.
By the time I got to the other side of the mountain it was coming down in buckets.
What a place to live.
It is never boring.

So…I survived an internal audit.
I got through the Canadian Audit.
Tomorrow is the financial audit.
I am all audited out.
Enough is enough.

So…what else can I tell you.
Damn…nothing comes to mind.
No words of wisdom.
No humour.
Oh Dear.

Oh well…a picture is worth a thousand words.
I have done my bit.

On the upside…tomorrow is Friday.
On the downside there are the auditors to face.
On the upside I feel very healthy.
On the downside the Receiver of my income is still hassling me.
On the upside there is still the dream of winning the lottery.
On the downside I need to forget the dreaming and DO something.
Oh wait…On the upside my Terry Pratchett book looks great.
Let’s leave while we are up.


  1. LOL You’re funny even when you think you’re not, Granny! Yes always leave on the “up” note, it’ll keep you staying positive! LOVE the pics!!

    • Thank you RD…I was funny? Where?

  2. Argh, I know that audited-out feeling all too well.

    Sorry, I haven’t forgotten about a possible contact; I got a message from my second hubby to say his friend from our local branch is on leave at the moment. She’s back in a week, and he’ll chase her up for us.

    • Thank you HP…I really appreciate the trouble.

  3. The top picture is totally stunning!

    • Hello Adee…are you talking about the first one? I loved that one!

  4. Love that first pic especially. So glad you’re feeling healthy, and enjoying your new book. That makes up for all the downs, doesn’t it? Good luck with the Lottery too. Hugs xx

    • Thanks AD…no luck last night but there is always tonight!

  5. Jasmine is a lot luckier than my lot have been of late!

    • Hi Col…not today…feel very sluggish!

  6. Oh what pretty photos!
    Thrilled that you’re feeling good my friend!

    • Hi Cindy…the mood has waned somewhat!

  7. sounds good. now which TP book is that one?

    • Hi Sidey…The Unseen Academicals.

  8. hello love, you and Jasmine are so lucky, having the beach all to yourselves, have to admit I am a little jealous.
    Have a wonderful day

    • Hello Napier…have seen you on FB…have to confess I don’t do much there but will look out for you.

  9. What a fabulous photo that first one is, Gran. Hard to figure out why you are being infiltrated with audits!

    • Hi Souldipper…we make antenna for the aircraft industry…very strict!

      • Ah – so we have you to thank for our safety. I bow to you!!

      • hehehe Souldipper!

  10. Really great pics.Hope you have better weather this weekend though.

    • Hello Adair…weather is up and down today…should go down to the beach but I am lazy today…sigh

  11. I love having the beach to myself. It’s been many years since I’ve even been anywhere near a beach.
    Time to get to Cape Town, methinks.

    • hello Madmom…I agree…time you came down here….I feel a minimob calling….a real MINI mob!

  12. I’ve been asked to become an IT Forensic Auditor… but after reading this post – methinks not! I don’t want to be hated – I vant to be loved! *sniff*

    • Hehehe Lynda…and you are loved girl!

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