Posted by: granny1947 | November 3, 2010

Granny can’t sleep

Good Morning All.
And I mean MORNING.
It is now a quarter to four.
Read my lips.
This is going to be one very long day.

I,normally, sleep like a baby.
Who thought up that stupid saying?
They certainly weren’t parents.
Babies wake up every four hours.
Come to think of it…that is just what I am doing.
Ok..I am sleeping like a baby.
Now…where is my bottle?

Have just checked the Powerball.
I didn’t win.
On the upside no-one did.
Misery loves company.

Jasmine is confused.
She is lying on the carpet.
Watching my every move.
If I look at her one ear goes up.
She is wondering what the hell I am up to.
Am I going to get dressed?
Am I going to feed her?
Am I going to take her for a walk?
Am I just going to sit at this stupid computer?
Good heavens.
She is grinding her teeth.
Now that is quite irritating.
If I had enough teeth I would grind them too.

Mex got back from East London yesterday.
For the first time I think he was pleased to be back.
He says East London has changed.
Not for the better.
I think he has finally accepted Cape Town as home.
It has only taken six years.
He does not like to rush things.
Now if he can only get to appreciate our beautiful mountains.
He says they get in the way of the view!

I hope I will be able to take some photos this morning.
I think my rechargeable batteries have given up the ghost.
Will have to bite the bullet and buy some more.

Got an sms from my favourite bookshop yesterday.
They have a Terry Pratchett for me.
One I haven’t read.
I HAVE to have it.

I have just finished reading a Dean Koonz book called Icebound.
Nothing like his usual scary books.
All about a group of people stranded on a glacier.
It was different but I enjoyed it.

Now let me me rush around and catch up on some posts.



  1. Good morning! At least I’m not alone any longer 🙂
    *Halfy slides a cup of coffee across the table*

    • Good Morning love….thank you…cup number two!!!

      • Lol, I had my first one just after 2. I’ll be buzzing by the time I leave the house 🙂

      • Hi Again HP…a gallon of coffee would not have given me a buzz today!

  2. Oh wow – morning Granny, morning Halfie – what is wrong with us?? Also wide awake!
    Hope you have a great day.

    • Good Morning MissChris…I don’t know about you two but i am going to battle to stay awake today!

      • It’s my normal waking time, so I’ll be fine 🙂

  3. Something strange going on here…every time I try to open Half Pint’s post my internet exlorer bombs out?????

    • That’s strange, it may be your explorer giving problems. I find Firefox far more stable.

  4. Nice to see you up early, Gran… I LOVE that second photo, stunning! I will be doing the Powerball thing from this coming Friday too.

    • Don’t bother Adee…it is MINE!!!

  5. For once I am out of sync … overslept this morning.
    Happy Wednesday my friend, maybe a nap under your desk?

    • Hello Cindy…auditors….problems…no chance of a nap!!!

  6. i did a FULL 8 hours last night (makes you green huh?)

    have an alert day and crash ay 8 tonight

  7. *makes sure garlic garland is around neck as it seems bloggie friends may be vampires*

    • Hehehe Madmom…you just never know!!!!

  8. Good morning granny. Isn’t it awful when sleep eludes you? I was up and sitting on the sofa at 2am. One’s mind does strange things at that time in the morning, Hope you manage to get through today. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…I got through the day….the next couple of hours is going to be hard though.

  9. to Halfy, Ms chriss and Granny – you should all go swimming at 4h40…that will make sure you sleep tonight.
    Have a wonderful day Granny.
    lots of love

    • Hello Napier….I don’t need to go swimming love…I am going to sleep tonight!!!

    • Please send swimming pool! Or should I use the bath?

  10. Luckily I generally sleep like a log, unless something is bothering me then I prowl around in the early hours.

    • Hi Supa…me too….I can,normally, sleep ten hours!

  11. Oh I hate it when the day starts so early! I had a run of those days recently, every day felt SO long and I petered out around 11. It was awful.

    On the other hand it was great hearing from you on my blog!

    I like Dean Koontz too, I haven’t read Pratchett. Are they along the same lines?

    • hi RD….Terry Pratchett is nothing like Dean Koontz…he writes fantasy stuff but I adore his sense of humour.
      I have nearly ALL his books.

  12. woe, that last picture on this post is fantastic.
    Such a deep perspective

    • Thanks so much for visiting Artswebshow…glad you enjoyed the pic.

  13. Hey Granny, hope it’s not contagious. I was up until 5:00 a.m. the other morning – then slept three hours. I don’t like running on half my cylinders.

    Trouble is…I wake up about now – 11:00 pm.

    So glad to see more great photos.

    • Hello Souldipper…we should play scrabble or something…pass the time!

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