Posted by: granny1947 | October 31, 2010

Granny’s Sunday Sighs.

Hello All.
I started a post yesterday and then got sidetracked.
Today I have been working my ample butt off.
I have my little Malawian guy cleaning windows.
I have done three loads of washing.
Scrubbed walls.
Cleaned the oven(my favourite task)
This is the first time I am taking a break.

Now what news do I have.
Oh yes.
I am NOT going on the cruise.
My son and grandson have decided they will go.
The funny thing is I am not disappointed.
That sort of thing does not faze me.
I am chuffed that my son and his family are doing something together.
I think it will be so good for them all.

The no sandal story.
I DO understand.
Sort of.
We are a factory enviroment.
Something to do with health and safety.
But….I am going to battle.
I bought myself a pair of flat closed shoes.
Which reminded me of my Dad.
He always said  “buy cheap and weep”
I didn’t weep but my feet were not happy chappies.
Guess I will have to adapt.

In other news.
Mex is returning from visiting his daughter on Tuesday.
Hence the mad housecleaning.
If there is anything he is not happy about he can do it himself.
I am houseworked out!

My son has a stand at the Constantia craft market today.
He is selling some of the mosaic mirrors that Mex made.
Also a lot of his wife’s mosaics.
And tiles and things.
Hope he does well.
I get a small commission for any of the mirrors that Mex made.

My mother is agitating for me to go up and visit her in Port Elizabeth in December or January.
I am not keen.
It is a 1000 kms.
That is a lot of petrol.
And time.
Think I am getting a bit old for these long journies now.
She suggested I go up by bus.
I don’t think so.
The busses crash.
You catch all sorts of interesting ailments.
Like lice.
And scabies.
All I WANT to do on my holiday is walk on the beach.
And my favourite pasttime.

Well, enough waffling for today.

I hope you are all having a grand weekend.



  1. Hi granny. You always seem to be cleaning house. It must keep you very fit. Good luck to your son with the market stall. I don’t blame you not wanting to go on that bus ride. Horrors! My Mom only lives about 20kms away, and I still think that’s a long journey, but we do go every week. Can’t you just get your Mom to visit you for a few days instead? Maybe she’d enjoy the adventure of a bus ride ;-> Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Hugs xx

    • Hi Ad…don’t think my Mom is up to a trip….she is not very mobile anymore.

  2. Exhausting ………
    Hope the rest of your day is peaceful!!

    • Thanks MissChris…I had a good nap!

  3. i think a holiday of reading sleeping and beach walking would be perfect

    • Hi Sidey…it is my idea of a perfect holiday…not bus trips!

  4. That’s a long journey, take the train?
    Your cleaning energy has me very impressed!
    Enjoy the new week in your weepy-shoes…

    • Hi Cindy…have to find something else to wear tomorrow…today was dreadful!

  5. Pity about the cruise – now you sea it…
    I was thinking we could do a MOB on it, maybe!
    PE is a bit far, but of course given the money to stop over a bit there are LOVELY beaches en route! In UK such a trip would be quite feasible with Jasmine as a companion. The majority of B&Bs seem to be pet-friendly.

    • And now you don’t Col…bring on the MOB…I will make a plan!

  6. Granny, I’m with you on the long drive bit. If there was a traveling companion to share the load and keep you in good conversation, that would be wonderful. As we get older, dealing with the stuff that can come up is a big fat pain. It’s especially dubious here in BC because cell phones don’t work in the mountains and we have LOTS of those. 🙂

    • hello Souldipper…our phones will work…don’t know if my back will hold up!!!!
      Old age sucks.
      Big time!

  7. morning K. I agree with Col on this one, take Jasmine with you 😉
    Have a good day.
    Lots of love

    • Jasmine barks her hesd off in the car Napier…I would kill her!

  8. I’m exhausted just reading about all you accomplished! I bet it feels great to have it all done, though. I understand how you feel about such a long trip; we have to visit family 1200 miles away, and the drive is definitely taxing (as is the visit once we get there!), but since I don’t fly, we drive. Good luck with your shoe battle!

    • Hi RD…I feel so bad…I should WANT to go and see my Mom!

  9. We have the same issue with pressure being put on us to visit the FIL for xmas – pressure by bro and sis-in-law who live in OZ. Twas a rather patronising request. *sigh* Families?

    • That is crazy Madmom…they aren’t even here!!!

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