Posted by: granny1947 | October 28, 2010

Granny’s Thursday Turmoil

What a day.
What a week.
I had a major wobbly on Tuesday but it is over.
Suddenly started thinking what am I doing here.
Really felt I didn’t want to be around anymore.


On Wednesday my darling daughter in law phoned me.
Told me she has booked us on a three day cruise on the SS Melody.
I am SO excited.
Have not been on a cruise ship since the Windsor Castle in 1965.
Most of you probably weren’t even born then.
Anyway I decided to stick around.
No…don’t panic…wasn’t seriously thinking of offing myself.
Just didn’t see much point to my being here.
We go in January.
Watch this space.

Today we had an audit done by our Quality Assurance department.
Tomorrow the roles are switched.
They discovered I am the only person in the company(besides them) who has an internal auditing certificate.
Tomorrow I audit them.
My boss is going to be my assistant!!!!!
I think I might just order him around.
Send him to look for documents.
Nope…that might just be a career limiting move.
Wait….I only have about 15 months of work to go(unless they keep me on a contract)
What career?

The biggest fly in the ointment is I have no idea what the damn department does.
I have a huge pile of documents to go through tonight.
And guess what?
I really don’t feel like it.

The Receiver of my money has been playing mind games with me.
First he knocks R4000 off my assessment.
Two days later he adds another R3500 back.
Now I discover I can’t arrange payment terms over the phone or by e-mail.
I have to schlepp into the centre of the city to go and talk to someone.
It is ridiculous.

The cherry on the top is our beloved HR department sent out an e-mail with regards to our dress code.
I can’t wear open sandals anymore.
This is a major blow to someone who spends most of her life barefoot.
Closed shoes in the middle of summer.
I am sure it is against my constitutional rights!!!

So my dear friends….now you know why I have not posted.

Oh yes…I nearly forgot.
There was a whale in our bay this morning.
I don’t have any pictures.
Have given up trying to get pics of them.
I just end up with a whole heap of snaps of the sea.



  1. Oh wow! You’re going to have a blast on the cruise!
    Why can’t you wear open sandals to work? I can understand the thong type sandals, but all others?? Makes no sense to me, and closed shoes in summer just doesn’t work.

    Best of luck with the Receiver – keep on querying why they’re taking off and then adding amounts in. It may be best to pop in and ask to see one of their assessors or whatever they’re called there. I’ve dropped a mail to a friend who knows someone at our local branch – maybe she has a contact at the Cape Town branch you could see.

    • Oh wow HP…you are such a star…thank you so much my friend….maybe they can just wipe me off their records??????

      • I wish I could do that for you!
        I’m waiting to hear from my 2nd hubby if his friend can refer you to someone, so don’t fret.

      • Hello HP….tell 2nd hubby to move his butt!!!!

  2. A cruise! how wonderful, the last cruise I was on was the Windsor Castle as well ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to our weekend in CT, flights are booked… excited!

  3. Ridiculous about the open shoes, granny! Fabulous news about the ceuise. Something to really look forward to. Hugs xx

  4. Fabulous news about the cruise
    Not so fabulous news at the Wreck of Revenue
    Go see them – give them the beady eye – scare them into assessing you properly!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And the Audit – the company NEEDS you – they’ll have to keep you on!

  5. enjoy the cruise

    can you wear peep-toe shoes?

    explain you get smelly feet in closed shoes in summer and give them a whiff

    • Hi Sidey…I have been a bad Granny…not responding to comments….oy…my feet suffered today!

  6. Rumor has it you’ve been worried about me,so I thought I’d force myself to stop being lazy and say hi. HI. It’s fall here now and my seasonal affect disorder has me quite gloomy so I have just been focusing on surviving, blogging and checking email seem so trivial next to not,ya know, taking a long walk off a short pier. (J/k) Anyway,I got to thinking about your sandal problem and if you’re willing to compromise,I think we can design some crystal clear sandals that cover your toes,but have tiny ventilation holes to give your footsies the illusion of freedom and stick their tongues out at this whole dress code thing.
    And fear not, I will be posting again soon, with pictures of my beloved Spooky as well as our new kitten. Just as soon as that missing persons report I filed with the police turns up my motivation and energy.;)

    • Yeah!!! There you are…

    • Well…Morgue…consider yourself Granny smacked….I have been so worried….just I HAVE been worried but I do understand…so glad you are ok!

  7. Hope Halfie’s contact at SARS can help you.
    The dress code is archaic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • We do NOT mention SARS Cindy…it is a four letter word!

  8. Stupid shoe rule!
    Maddad was conceived on the Windsor Castle. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck with SARS.

    • OK Madmom….you have me beat there…none of mine were conceived on the ship…I don’t think…nope…they weren’t!

  9. Ridiculous about the sandals granny but wow…. for the cruise.
    Enjoy it love

    • Hello Napier…no cruise….but not a problem…still waiting for a mail telling me all about your trip!!!

  10. I’m sorry about the wobbly – but my goodness can I relate at the moment! How you cope with the problems at work, SARS and the extra responsibilities you are currently having at home is beyond me. Hang in there Granny – just know that we love you to death and want you around for many decades to come. So please look after yourself and show everybody the middle finger.

    If you take my sandals away I will put my steelcap boots on and kick some serious butt! My feet need air in Summer – how on earth is yours going to cope? What size shoe are you?
    Maybe we can all look around for a light weight shoe with lots of ventilation in it but still looks closed.


    • Thanks Lynda but with all the SARS problems am not in the market for new shoes….it is nearly time for shutdown…I will survive.

  11. Hmph, reminds me of the olden days when I did my secretarial course and we had rules like that – no open shoes and we HAD to wear stockings… Thought ‘those’ days were gone forever!

    I wouldn’t mind taking a cruise, you lucky fish! Take care, Gran.

    • Ah Adee…need to answer these comments on time…they are all out of date…no cruise!

  12. Gran??? You there???

  13. I’m so glad you’re going on a cruise … you deserve a break! And … didn’t you know that whales are photoinvisible? We can see them with our eyes but they don’t show up on film. Picture of the sea are nice, though …

    • Tell me about it Bud…I have loads of photos of the sea with not a whale in sight!

  14. What a wonderful thing to look forward to!The sandal thing at work sounds like bull@hit to me.Crazy.

    • Not really BB…factory enviroment…sigh

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