Posted by: granny1947 | October 25, 2010

Granny’s mixed up Monday

Good Evening All.

So as Monday’s do…this one came and went.
It has been a long day.
Starting with an early morning walk on the beach.
Half the walk damn chilly and the rest brilliant.
When the south easter blows one feels it for half the walk and then the houses seems to protect the beach.
I often wonder about the houses.
Huge places.
And I never see any signs of life.
Either they are holiday homes or the owners have no appreciation for the beauty around them.
I would spend most of my time out on the deck enjoying the beauty.

Look at that huge bank of clouds.
I think they have bypassed us.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a grat Spring day.
A bit of Spring would be good.
Especially in my step.

All the gulls were in an orderly row.
Drinking/washing in the water from the mountains.
Until Jasmine spooked them.

One of my staff had to go home with pink eye today.
Wonder if I am going to get it?
It will go with the pink sunrises in the morning.
Hold it.
I remember pink eye.
Very unpleasant.
Scratch that idea..

Now I had better phone my Mom.
Listen to all the stories of her Siamese cat.
Good thing I can relate!!!

Have a super evening.


  1. Is your mom blogging yet?
    I love these pics, a moody Cape Town is the best Cape Town.

    Those larney-house-people are not home, they’re pushing extra hours to pay their bonds …

    love you

    • Hi Cindy…Mom had a fall and hurt her hand…well that is her excuse!

  2. We had a pair of Egyptian Geese in the garden this morning. Gorgeous to look at until Lucy decided her breakfast, lunch and dinner had arrived!

    Please nudge your Mom to do another post.

    • Hi HP…Jasmine chases the gulls but I think she would be horrified if she actually caught one!

  3. More gorgeous photos! Hope you don’t get pink eye. Did you have to give those workers their warnings? How did it go?

    • It was horrible RD…have reduced them to verbal warnings but they have stepped up their work a notch or two.

  4. Beautiful pics, granny. I think the same about the big houses along our beach. Where are the lucky owners. No-one ever in sight, except maybe a gardener cleaning the pool. What a waste! Hugs xx

    • I know AD…I am SO envious!

  5. Urgh to the pink eye. I hope it bypasses you. However, its an excuse for the red-eye in the photos.
    Have a great week.

    • Good one Madmom…one of the reasons I never take pics of people!

  6. Great photos again, Granny. I just finished taking some end-of-day shots of a “mountain top” on the neighbouring island washed in sunlight. I know…so post the blinkin’ thing. Just may do that.

    • I shall come over to see if you posted them Souldipper…after I have done my work.

  7. I would never get tired of your beautiful scenery and that includes the wonderful cloud formations. Maybe those houses are to be used one day as retirement homes and in the meantime are holiday ‘cottages’, lol!

    • Hello Adee…I just revel in it…I will miss this place so badly when I have to leave.

  8. Spring has sprung in other places – but so far we’ve seen very little of it in Cape Town. I love this time of year – but I must say when the wind started it shennanigans again this month I felt like hiding in the car instead of walking on the beach. Hmmm…. actually – now that I think about it! Will the sandblasting get rid of cellulite????

    • hello Grog…no way….I would be as smooth as a baby’s bottom if that worked!

  9. Beautiful, tranquil pics – thank you!

    • My pleasure Wolf…you know I love to share them.

  10. Ahh, the thought of pinkeye always makes my eye itch.

    Granny, your pictures are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I vow to get to your part of the world someday. Just to bask in its majesty.

    • Hi Joann…turns out she just sinus!!!

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