Posted by: granny1947 | October 23, 2010

Granny does very little.

Hello All.
Yes…I am doing very little…and doing it well.
I have done the minimun cleaning.
Toilets and basins etc.
A load of washing.
And I have napped.
16 year old is going to visit my DIL just now.
Me time!!!
I might just watch a DVD.
I haven’t done that in yonks.
I love me time.

Every year DIL volunteers to fill a few shoeboxes with gifts for needy kids.
They are going to decorate the boxes this afternoon.
This is NOT my scene.
No artistic genes in my body.


DIL not feeling well so she is fetching 16 year old tomorrow.
Still she has been watching movies on my laptop all afternoon so I HAVE had a bit of me time.
I have watched about 20 episodes of My Family…love that show.
I have more for tomorrow.
I MUST walk tomorrow.
Even if it is raining.
My blood needs to circulate.

And Now let me end off this rivetting post.

Nite nite.



  1. Hi granny. I’ve also done very little today, but I did walk on the beach to get the blood circulating. Enjoy the relaxing weekend. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…I have been sitting too much lately…I need the walk more than Jasmine!

  2. DD and I had “our time” yesterday – after leaving Daisy at the vet for spaying, we kept our minds occupied with a day of lunch out, shopping, and movies at night. We like a LOT of Britcoms, just recently discovered After You’ve Gone. Have you seen that one?

    • Hello RD…I will be popping over just now to see how Daisy is doing.

  3. It’s so nice to hear you’re relaxing… Enjoy your DVDs after your walk with Jasmine (hope the weather is nice)!

    • Hi Adee…the weather changed about ten times today but it was great when we went down.

  4. Sounds just the ticket that you slacked off a bit.
    Enjoy the beach today.
    Love you xxx

    • Hi Cindy…love you too girl.
      How is the non smoking going?

  5. if you love my family, get “Easy Virtue” a movie on DVD – the son from my family is the butler and so funny.

    • Thanks Sidey…I’ll look out for it.

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