Posted by: granny1947 | October 22, 2010

Granny’s Friday wind down.

Hi All.
I do hope I have not repeated a photo.
Am too lazy to go back and check!

I don’t know if I AM winding down.
The “kid” next door has been screaming at her Mom again.
That 18 year old needs to go to anger management therapy.
Or have a damn good hiding.
I am willing to oblige.

It has been a dreadful week.
On Monday I have to dish out two written warnings.
Something I have never had to do.
There have been so many careless mistakes I have to put a stop to it.
My stress levels are at an all time high.
Someone has to tow the line…or get out.
It isn’t going to be me.
I like having a job.
I like being able to eat.

If I had a dogbox Jasmine would be firmly ensconced in it.
The other day she climbed up onto the kitchen counter.
Opened the breadbox with her nose and found a big packet of wine gums.
Ate some and spat some out on the carpet.
THEN she discovered my butter.
Not margarine…BUTTER.
Got the lid off and ate most of it.
Later she vomitted,copiously, on the carpet.
She is so lucky I love her.
And that I have just stocked up on six bags of dogfood that were on special.
When the food is finished she had better watch her step.
She is also VERY lucky 16 year old was here to clean up the mess before I got home.
Or I might just have killed her and taken the food back for a refund.
My house now smells strange.
Well, stranger than normal.

Now I am going to have a shower and climb into bed.
My chest feels tight.
Think I need to sleep and unwind.

Have a great evening everyone.


  1. Sorry for laughing granny/ Why would you have wine gums in the breadbox? Jasmine is a wily one. Sorry about the mess though. Sleep well and feel better tomorrow. Hugs xx

  2. You need a nice relaxing weekend, Gran. Give yourself time off to read, walk Jasmine and do what you WANT to do. Let Monday take care of itself! 🙂

    • With 16 year old out just now I will have some good me time…must try to stay awake to enjoy it.

  3. Just do nothing but relax this weekend. You need to get rid of all that stress others are causing you. But no bodily harm, okay? 🙂

    • Good advice Madmom…I am following it…your word is my command!

  4. Have an awesome weekend!!
    Can one report abuse by a child to welfare? I would if one could!!

    • What a good idea…it should work both ways!

  5. Urgh, I’m glad 16 year old was there to clean most of the mess up for you.
    Have a relaxing weekend 😉

    PS: thanks for the catbook mail!

    • Hi HP….have already had one nap…16 year old off to visit new Attitude…I might just have another.

  6. LOL… take that for hiding the wine gums away from poor hungry Jasmine… *giggle*

    • Hi Lynda….have you any idea where Morgue is…I am very concerned.

      • I’ve been so busy that I hadn’t noticed that she hasn’t been posting. Gosh – its been long.
        Let me send her an email and see if she is ok – will let you know asap!

      • Thanks Lynda…any news yet?

  7. WOW what a day! You have a very smart and resourceful doggy there! If it had to happen, better at the end of the week than on a Monday!

  8. Granny, I sure hope that blogging gives you relief, release and FUN!!

    You may have done this already – the internet does have some sample letters for situations like warnings.

    Why reinvent the wh… whip?

    • Hi Souldipper…I have the relevant forms….just hate to have to do this.

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