Posted by: granny1947 | October 21, 2010

Granny’s Thursday Theory

Hi Everyone.
I have this theory.
The goverment is spiking our drinking water with stupid hormones.
So we can be on the same level as most of our ministers.

My day started with a bakkie overtaking all the people in the straight lane whilst driving in the turn left lane.
Then jumped in front of the first car.
Then….THREE cars overtook cars in front of me on solid white lines and on bends.
Surely all these people can’t have been born stupid.
I am telling you…it is a conspiracy.
You heard it here first.

In other news.
I got a call at a quarter to seven this morning.
To tell me number seven has two teeth coming through.
THEN….I was asked to say hello to the little guy.
I wish I had a Rand(make that a dollar,they are worth more) for every time I have had to say hello to small babies who have no intention, whatsoever, of replying.
I am told he smiled.
Yeah right!

My son popped in last evening and has invited us to a braai over the weekend(barbeque for non South Africans)
I was very enthusiastic till he pulled out his mobile to show me the fish he had caught.
A fish braai!!!!
Be still my beating heart.

I lay down at six last night.
Fell asleep.
Vaguely remember 16 year old bringing me supper.
Think I ate it.
Fell asleep again.
Woke at eleven.
Came through and turned off my computer.
Had a shower and went straight back to sleep.
This Granny is tired.
Very tired.

I was right about the coldfront.
It has rained on and off all day.
More forecast for the weekend.
Lots of snoozing to look forward to.

If you look carefully you will see……
NO people on our beach.
One of it’s biggest charms.

Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing.


  1. You do know, the coffee machine you use and love at work uses the same water…just a thought…

    • You have a good point there…that would explain a lot!!!!

  2. I’m also tired. Yesterday I saw a car and a taxi having some argy-bargy over who shoukld own the road. i just slowed right down and let them get far ahead

    • Old age is not for sissies Sidey….I am pooped.

  3. What a frustrating day you’ve had. Sleep well, granny. Hugs xx

  4. Beautiful photo Granny. Is that the view from your home? If so, it’s lovely.

    • Hello Maggie…no I can’t see the actual beach though I can hear the waves…I can see the top of the mountain!

  5. Oh to have a beach to myself… You are so lucky, Gran. Have a good Friday!

    • I know Adee…and I DO appreciate all that beauty.

  6. I also don’t understand this talking to babies over the phone thing! I’m sure that’s were all the stupid teenagers of today get their psychological problems from – imagine what it would do to you if you heard a voice coming out of a little plastic thing and wondering what the hell your granny or aunty is doing inside something that small…. Poor little things!

    • Isn’t it crazy Lynda…why do all parents DO that???

  7. Lynda has a very good point.

    And I know what you mean about stupidity; the drivers on that particular road are quite something.

    Have a peaceful weekend my friend.

    Love all your pics, but these move me 🙂

    • Hi Cindy…so glad you enjoyed them…need to go down tomorrow to get some “fresh” Ones.

  8. A fish braai wouldn’t get me excited either! Have a lovely weekend and get some rest.

    • Hello Supa…yes…a fishbraai…just not the same is it?

  9. Love all the beaches to myself too. Can’t believe that as a teenager an empty beach meant hell. 🙂

    • I think I expressed myself badly Souldipper…she thought four people on that huge beach were too many…she was wearing her jammie top!!!

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