Posted by: granny1947 | October 19, 2010

Granny’s troublesome Tuesday.

Hi Everyone.
Yesterday I resolved to get up early this morning and walk on the beach.
The alarm went off at 5:30am and I opened one eye.
Thought “shyte it is dark” and hit the snooze button.
Jasmine heard my alarm and decided it was time for breakfast so she came in and whined.
While I was putting her food out I looked towards the sea.
Big dark clouds.
Thought bugger that and went back to bed.
I woke just after six again and the weather was great.
Too late to go down to the beach.
You just cannot believe what you see when you look at the weather here.
Maybe I should have put on my glasses.
Maybe I should not make resolutions.

Today was crappy.
One meeting after another.
One problem after another.
Am going to have to give a written warning to one of my staff.
My first ever.
When he decides to come back to work.
He has backache.

We have an overseas auditor.
One of our comanies from Canada.
This is preperation for a major external audit.
Being in the aircraft industry means we have to conform to very stringent regulations.
He has a sexy french accent.
He does NOT have a sexy bod to go with it.
I guess one could always close one’s eyes!

So…let me do a little work.
Eat a bit of supper.
16 year old is cooking.
Read a book.
Better bring the washing in first.
Duty calls.



  1. Sexy French accent Mmmmm. Pity about the bod, granny. Sorry your day wasn’t great, but there’s always tomorrow. ;-> Hugs xx

    • Yes AD…hopefully, there is always tomorrow…hope your evening is good.

  2. Wow that’s such an incredibly dramatic picture! I’ve had that same experience – conversing on the phone for business with a voice that could melt butter, but then when the picture comes up on Skype….UGH. Shut off the picture, just talk LOL. Tomorrow will be a better day!

    • Hello RD…isn’t the picture great….reminds me of the bible stories when we were kids of God coming down through the clouds…actually no….don’t think he ever did!

  3. I find it hard to tell what the weather is going to do when it’s still quite dark, lol! Why do French accents always sound sexy?

    • I live in hopes Adee….have set the alarm for tomorrow…hope the weather is good…have a lovely evening.

  4. That stunning photo is my anniversary present, Granny. I landed in your country one year ago today and was in Cape Town a week later. This makes my heart yearn to experience it all over again. More rested this time…not so much running around. I’d stop and have a walk with Granny.

    Those French Canadian men? Cook them a good dinner and you’ll pass any audit!

    • hehehe Souldipper…happy anniversary.
      Am hoping to go to the beach tomorrow but am so tired now I wonder if I shall feel like it in the morning.
      I NEED some exercise desperately.
      Have a great day,love.

  5. You have the most breathtaking pictures I have ever seen. You are one lucky lady to view that all the time.

    I’d definitely close my eyes and just languish in that accent.

    • Hello Joann….I know….after five years I still revel in the beauty.

  6. Dark, stormy, blankets, French accent …
    erm …

    Have a better Wednesday my sweet 🙂

  7. You might bump into your desk if you close your eyes when looking at the French dude. Rather just take off your specs.

    • he has gone Madmom…and I never even got to say goodbye…sigh.

  8. *drops off some Merlot behind Granny’s calendar*

    I love your Angel Tunnels photograph!!!

    What did the 16 year old serve you for dinner?

    • Hi Justme….thanks for the Merlot…I need it!
      I can’t remember…I know it was homemade pizza last night.

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