Posted by: granny1947 | October 16, 2010

Granny is going to try.

Good Morning All.

The above photo is from the other day.
Today is absolutely glorious.
I will be heading to the beach later.

16 year old has a friend here.
She spent the night.
Lovely girl.
Not too talkative!

I had one of my best friends over for supper last night.
What sort of idiot invites people on a Friday evening?
I got home at five after a couple of stops.
My seven thirty I had roast pork, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding(I know it goes with beef but Val loves it)(they turned out so well too)cauliflower and white sauce, rice,peas and red cabbage.
Be impressed.
However, I DID learn something.
I learned you cannot cook red cabbage in wine ALL day in the slow cooker.
It goes a ghastly colour.
Tasted good though.

The cherry on the top was the two girls doing all the dishes.
And there were loads of them.
Sometimes you just have to love teenagers.
Now….if the 17 year old will just cut the grass for me.
I live in hope.

Now that I have just bored you all to tears I shall go and tackle a bit of dust.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I’m suitably impressed, granny. Sounds delicious, even the red cabbage of dubious hue. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Hello Ad…it was delicious…if I have to say so myself!

  2. Enjoy the rest of the day, my friend.
    I’m about to have a glass of wine in the garden.

    • That sounds good Cindy but if I did that I would sleep all afternoon.

  3. Mmmmm dinner sounded lovely, my dishwasher is my bestest friend! Have a great day.

    • Hi Supa….I have never really been keen on them…anyway not an inch of spare space in my kitchen to put one in….the teenagers will just have to do!

  4. Good start to your weekend, Gran! Enjoy… 🙂

    • Morning Adee…you too love.

  5. It’s Saturday morning here in sunny, but chilly, Alberta. So, I bid you a good morning! Lovely photos — glad to hear things are going so well with the granddaughter. I work with them all day in my job as a Teacher’s Assistant — I know what little rotters they can be, but for the most part I really like them alot. They’re interesting and full of angst — a great combination — and just what I need most days to remind myself to not take things too seriously. Oh, yeah, and the stuff sitting on your lap? Your intestines.
    take care Granny

    • hello KLRS….tummy sounds much nicer…that is just gross!!!!

  6. by them I meant teenagers

  7. Fabulous picture, Granny. Too bad that rotten weather gives us glorious photos. Now we’re getting into the time of year I was in Cape Town. Oh, I could have used your dinner last year – I would even have nibbled on the Roast Pork. I’m 85 to 90 percent vegetarian. I’m afraid that meant that all those nice restaurants wanted to stuff me with pasta. I would even have helped the teens with dishes. If they would let an oldie in the same room. 🙂

    • Hello Souldipper…they would have been only too happy….there were three geriatrics in the room as it was!

  8. sounds good. can i pop over for leftovers?

    • Too late she cried Sidey…we ate them last night!

  9. Hi Granny, I only eat red cabbage raw…that dinner sounds divine. I’m actually rather hungry now.

    • Hi Mid thirty…I have been hungry all day…don’t know why…it is not from lots of exercise!!!

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