Posted by: granny1947 | October 15, 2010

Granny goes arghhhh…take two

Hello All. I have no idea why I was going Ahrggggggg the other day. Probably work. Or home. Or life. I am fine today so disregard the subject line! Mex has gone upcountry for a few weeks to visit his daughter. 16 year old is being a star. Sometimes a disaster but mostly a shining star. She has cooked every night. Walked Jasmine. Washed dishes. Picked up dogpoop. AND…. AND…. AND….. TALKED. The girl is a motormouth. She is the Grand Prix of motormouths. She never stops. I lie. Sometimes she stops to take a breath. And recharge the vocal batteries and then she is off again! We have talked about all sorts of interesting things. About how to insert a tampon. How people know they are gay. Sexually transmitted diseases. Work. Fun stuff. Her father owes me. Big time. Where exactly is one’s stomach? I ask because I had a burning pain this afternoon. Under the breasts. Our HR lady assured me that is where your stomach is. Well, I’ll be damned. I always thought the interesting bulge lower down was my stomach. The bit that rests on my lap when I am sitting at the computer. And ,on that rather revolting note ,I bid you goodnight!

Ok…I have no idea what I have done wrong….

Have tried to copy last night’s post….the format is all wrong.

Don’t know why last night’s post won’t show.

Sigh…life is full of mysteries….

Will try again.



  1. I have also had problems recently. Mostly with photo’s, like you had I think. Also for some time now I haven’t been able to centre my posts as I used to do. Anyway, I’ve adapted… The 16 year old sounds like good company! When she leaves you’ll miss all the chatter. Enjoy your weeked, Gran.

    • Hi Adee…I found the problem with my photos…you have to watch the bottom left hand side of your screen…it usually says one item remaining…you must wait for it to show done and then there is no problem!

  2. Hi granny. I also looked for your Ahrgggg post to no avail. Your relationship with your granddaughter sounds so great. Both you and Jasmine must love her to bits. Have a great weekend. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…yes…have a very soft spot for her…especially as I adopted her and had her from 13 months!

  3. I was wondering what happened to your post last night! Glad to see it’s back, you really made me laugh! Sounds like a good trade-off with your granddaughter – I wouldn’t mind listening if someone would do all the cooking and dogpooping, etc.! Have a great weekend!

    • Hello RD…I have got very good at pretending to listen!!!

  4. I was most confused when I could read the post in my email inbox, but as soon as I clicked through to your blog it was gone.
    I’m wondering about the 16yo, she hardly uttered a peep when I was there, am I that scary?

    • Hello Cindy….you aren’t scary at all….she saves all the talking for me!

  5. I have had the pleasure of reading both blogs, Granny. And enjoying both photos. I like this photo better than the one that supposedly didn’t post.

    And if you think you’re confused…??? 🙂

    • You must have special powers Souldipper…you appear to be the only one who could see the post…I am confused a great deal of the time!

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