Posted by: granny1947 | October 14, 2010

Granny goes Ahrggggggggg

Hello All.
I have no idea why I was going Ahrggggggg the other day.
Probably work.
Or home.
Or life.
I am fine today so disregard the subject line!

Mex has gone upcountry for a few weeks to visit his daughter.
16 year old is being a star.
Sometimes a disaster but mostly a shining star.
She has cooked every night.
Walked Jasmine.
Washed dishes.
Picked up dogpoop.

The girl is a motormouth.
She is the Grand Prix of motormouths.
She never stops.
I lie.
Sometimes she stops to take a breath.
And recharge the vocal batteries and then she is off again!

We have talked about all sorts of interesting things.
About how to insert a tampon.
How people know they are gay.
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Fun stuff.
Her father owes me.
Big time.

Where exactly is one’s stomach?
I ask because I had a burning pqin this afternoon.
Under the breasts.
Our HR lady assured me that is where your stomach is.
Well, I’ll be damned.
I always thought the interesting bulge lower down was my stomach.
The bit that rests on my lap when I am sitting at the computer.

And ,on that rather revolting note ,I bid you goodnight!

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