Posted by: granny1947 | October 9, 2010

Granny has a happy dog.

Good Morning All.

We have just come back from the beach.
What a gorgeous spring day.
Clumps of pink flowers  popping up on the dunes.
Yellow daisies everywhere.

Jasmine has not been down for a week.
Granddaughter has been taking her for walks but she loves the beach.
I expected her to rush around like a demented thing.
Not so.
There were too many smells to catch up on.
Too many widdles to make.
Oher dogs had marked the territory.
She had to start all over again.
I think she piddled a gallon!

Damn the housework is calling me.
I am trying to ignore it.
It isn’t easy.
I can see a whole dog of hair under Jasmine’s chair.
And half the beach.

I guess I had better make a start.



  1. Can’t wait for January to walk on the beach again.
    Best of luck and excuse me if I don’t offer to help with the housework …

    • Damn Cindy…aren’t friends supposed to offer to help????

  2. Lucky you, Gran! Enjoy the weekend…

    • Hello Adee…I am very lucky…the beach was fantastic!

  3. I refuse to do any housework this weekend, I’m chilling, reading and blogging…..I might cook a bit though.

    • Hi Supa…I did the cleaning, I read a while, I blogged and I am cooking…my halo is shining!!!

  4. good to see you back again

    • Thanks Sidey…feel more like blogging again.

  5. You want to join me at work? I’m stuck in between four walls trying to do the financials for this quarter. I hate paperwork!
    Glad to know that you got out with my bestest best dog and your incredible beach. But you can keep the housework… I simply will not do that crap as well (unless I can fit a broom up my *#&$# and sweep the floor as I walk).
    (Feeling better yet Granny? Or do you still want to drown a Revenue blighter in your toilet?)

    • Can I take a raincheck Frog? Mind you that might have been more interesting than housework.
      A broom up your butt….ouch!!!!

  6. So glad you and jasmine had such a lovely walk. Love the pic. It looks really deserted, which is just how I like our bit of beach too. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…that is what is so great about our beach…there are no amenities and the water is freezing…this keeps visitors away.

  7. Housework will always be there – spring comes but once a year. Enjoy it!

    • Hello RD…isn’t housework terrible? it just keeps on coming!!!

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