Posted by: granny1947 | October 7, 2010

Granny is exhausted

Hi All.

From a rather subdued Granny.
I,very seldom, get depressed.
I am the eternal optimist.
Today is a bit different.
I have been on the verge of tears the whole damn day.
The receiver of Revenue can do that to me.

On the upside tomorrow is Friday.
I have the whole weekend to look forward to.
My house needs to be thoroughly cleaned.
Damn…that upside didn’t last very long.

My staff drove me crazy today.
They had better be careful tomorrow.
This Granny has a very short fuse at the moment.

I have not had time to visit everyone’s posts today.
I am so sorry.
Will make up for it over the weekend.
There is only SO much cleaning I can stomach at one go.

You all have a great evening.
I am off to bed.
To dream of winning the lottery.


  1. Oh Granny, I’m so sorry this has gotten you so down. I wish we could all come round and cheer you up! Remember you have lots of people who care about you – there and online too!

    • Thank you RD…it really helps…strange when one does not really know one’s internet friends but they are very real!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re so down, my friend ūüė¶

    • Thanks Sweety…getting there…did the kitten arrive?

  3. I wish I could help you Gran, but it may help you to know I’m also in a pickle – misery loves company, eh?

    • Tell me about Adee…not that I wish that on you…lousy situation to be in.

  4. I think its time we shop for that box of wine…no, make that two boxes

    • Definitely Cow…one each…I am not sharing!

  5. My offer still stands to toyi toyi outside their crappy building! Do you think their is a Fairy Lotto Mother? How do we reach her I wonder because damn the beatch is just too quiet for my liking.
    Remember we love you and that we will always be here for you to chase the blues away. Hang in there Granny – soon the bad luck fairies will have their wings pulled and then we can breathe again. Mwah!

    • Thanks Lyndatjie…a big MWAH to you too!

  6. Good morning granny. Sounds like you need more than a HUG TODAY. Sorry you’re feeling down. Hope it all gets sorted soon , and the Receiver man goes off to torture someone else. Hus xand love. xx

  7. Breaks my heart to see you down like this, sorry there is nothing I can do; wish I was closer.
    Lots of love.

    • Awwwwwwww…thanks Cindy….I am much better.

  8. So sorry Granny *hug*

    • Don’t be Supa…my own stupidity!

  9. Beeeeeeg hugs to you, Granny.

    • Thank you Madmom…that means so much.

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