Posted by: granny1947 | October 6, 2010

Granny has a sense of humour failure.

Hello All.
I do not feel like smiling.
I do not feel like laughing.
I don’t much feel like breathing.

I have had a run in with the Receiver of Revenue.
What do you call the vampire in other parts of the world?

I have been fined.
I deserved to be fined.
I did not submit returns.
Bad Granny.
In my defence I was busy bringing up four of my grandkids.
Then I was supporting three of my kids as well.
I know it is not an excuse.
But I am using it.

So far the assessment is obscene.
And they haven’t finished.
I feel sick to my stomach.

I think I should tell them to just lock me up.
Free food.
No rent.
No kids.
It sounds like heaven!

So my dear friends…that is all from me tonight.
I am going into the garden to eat worms.

Come to think of it…that is all I am going to be able to afford.

Damn I am sick of struggling.


  1. So sorry to hear this, sometimes life is a beach big time 😦

    • Tell me about it supa!

  2. Don’t eat worms, go chat to the fairies instead……

    • Send me their number Supa!!!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this 😦
    Can you not get a tax consultant to help?

    • Hello HP…don’t think that is going to help!

  4. Oh horrors!! Hope it gets sorted out without the fines. Holding thumbs for you. Hugs xx

    • Already have a huge fine and a horrendous assessment Colleen!

    • Oh Dear…am really losing it…that reply was for Colleen…hello AD!

  5. Oh granny…..I am so very sorry to read about this. You need someone to help you I think. Shout if you do and we can put you onto someone. It costs a bit of money but in the long run might help you more. Life is so hard….we need a catch up cuppa or vase. Love you xx

    • Thanks Colleen but I think I just have to suck this up.

  6. Oh granny! That’s awful, I’m so sorry to hear this. I feel for you. Yes, vampire, blood-sucker, leech – you name it, they fit it. Colleen’s right, it might cost less in the long run to hire a specialist to represent you. They know all the tricks…uh, I mean, laws….

    • Hi RD…feel very despondent….will just see what the final awful total is!

  7. Write to them and play all the cards you need to!

    • Am going to have to MissChris…I certainly don’t have the sort of money they are asking for.

  8. This truly utterly stinks. One has enough to contend with, without SARS tangling things up.

    • Tell me about it Col…am SO tired.

  9. Fuck Gogs that sucks man. Well I am going to get my ass fined by them too, if that’s any consolation…

    • Nope Simon…no consolation…will write to you soon love.

  10. Sorry to hear that, Gran. Maybe it won’t be as bad as you fear… Get help if you can, or play the age card… helpless…

    • Hello Adee….it can only get worse…what they are saking already is much more than I can afford.

  11. Jeez Gran! I hope they give you free internet too!

    Be strong, sometimes it seems worse than it really is!

    • Hi Douglas…I need to find out…no internet and I am not going!

  12. Sometimes the damn wait is worse! They wouldn’t be that nasty to a poor granny with a pretty dog and plenty of grandkids – surely??? Hang in there – if it turns out to be a bad assesment – then the two of us will go and toyi toyi outside their buildings in Bellville and blind everybody that goes into that building by flashing our boobs! ((hug))

    • It is already a lousy assessment Frog…when do we leave?

  13. We call them vampires here in the U.S. We don’t like taxes here either. I’m sorry for all of your troubles. : (

    • Thanks Blogbrarian…I appreciate that!

  14. Oh no Granny, that is awful! Please take Colleen up on her offer – the tax consultants will show you ways to claim and save – I know this from experience – it is well worth the money they charge – they can save you a bomb! Holding thumbs and sticking pins in my SARS doll!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolf…am thinking about it…wonder if they can help now that I have already submitted?

  15. Oh crap, Granny. This is horrid.

    I hope this is just a bunch of “more advice” –

    I had to advocate for an outfit that had a $30,000 fine sitting in the in-basket from Rev. Canada. I used the approach that works well in our Gov’t offices – I.E. be genuinely sorry and then ask them for their advice:

    I phoned and spoke from the heart, telling them that this was definitely an error on “our” part and that I wanted to straighten it up. However, (here’s the key), “I need you to tell me how I can do this since I have no money and no assets.” It helps to get them on your side by you asking for their suggestion. Often they come up with a far less severe method than we would suggest.

    If this is a bunch of *@#$% advice, apologies.

    • Oops…meant to say I hope this is NOT just a bunch of more advice.

      • By the way…did they reduce the fine at all?

    • Good Morning Souldipper…thank you…that is excellent advice…once they have finished with all my assessments I will go in, throw myself at their mercy…and cry!!!!

      • I could not believe it, but they suggested and “we” accepted a repayment plan and the fine was dropped!!! I hesitate saying that because I don’t know how your Gov’t is, and I don’t want to build false hope.

        However, Granny, it is almost unheard of to have that happen with our Revenue Ministry – as I’m sure yours is similar. I really did speak from the heart (not using emotional language, but speaking common sense truths.) And I let them know that I sincerely wanted to know what they could suggest as an acceptable solution for them and that was workable for “us”.

        I made sure that letters of appreciation were written.

        Grovelling? NO! I did not go to that state. I maintained dignity without being arrogant.

        After all, in this case, the people who were supposed to send payment just neglected doing it. Therefore, “we” needed to be suitable remorseful.

      • Thank you Souldipper…..I will practice the remorseful look in the mirror!!!

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