Posted by: granny1947 | October 4, 2010

Granny thinks back

Hi Everyone.
So…I am back safely.
A,mostly, uneventful trip.
Unless you count two teenagers arguing all the way back.
I nearly dropped them off in the middle of nowhwre!

Son-in-law cooked the most delicious curry.
I don’t like foods that hurt but it was so tasty and my glasses did not even mist up.

On the the way up I had plenty of time to think.
For some strange reason I got to thinking about hubby number one.
The father of my four children.
An alcoholic.
A con artist.
And a rogue.

I am not going to go into the bad times.
There were plenty of those.
But, there WERE lighter moments.

The one I recall was when he called me to see what he had bought me.
I rushed outside.
There ….on the lawn….was a  HORSE.
The horse and I exhanged looks.
Neither of us was very enthusiastic.

Me: You bought me a horse?
Him:(very proudly)…yes.
Me: Why?(remember I was a town girl.)
Him: So you can learn to ride.
Me: And, I would want to do this ..why???

Somehow he persauded me to get on the horse’s back.
For the life of me I don’t remember how I got up there.
The horse took two steps and I demanded to be taken off.
That was the one and only time I ever got on a horse.
Somewhere I have a photo for posterity.
My half sister breeds racehorses.
She used to do show jumping.
We have NOTHING in common.

Hubby’s mother was German.
We always had pigs.
Even when we lived in town we hired a smallholding for the pigs.
He was always trying to get me to make friends with the things.
For crying in a bucket…he gave them names.
I do not want to be on intimate terms with the food chain.

Once I opened the freezer and there was a pig’s head looking at me.
I gave a yell and slammed the lid shut.
My mother in law thought I was a wimp.
I thought she was an evil ghoul.
But that is a story for another day.

Now I need to go to bed,



  1. Granny, I can tell those were awful times for you, but they sure do make humorous stories the way you tell them! You should write a book! Number 7 is positively adorable – I just love little baby toes! 🙂 Glad you didn’t have any more “wee” emergencies en route!

    • Hello RD…no this time I was very careful…made plenty of pretrip loo trips!

  2. ee gad a pigs head in the fridge – was he mafia??

    • She just said he was a Kraut, not an Eyetalian. I think you have to be Eyetalian to be in the Mafia?

    • Uhmmm Misschris…wasn’t that a horse’s head?

  3. lol – i once unpacked the half pig my folks had ordered from the butcher. I picked up the rib section and dropped it as there was an EYE LOOKING AT ME!!!!!!! they included the half head.

    I never found out what happened to that bit. The rest I had packaged and put in the freezer,

    • Hi Sidey…am so glad I am not alone…hate food that looks at me…even fish!

  4. I so enjoy your posts, Gran, and have missed them lately! This one is as delicious as usual! You can’t make friends with any animal you are destined to eat, lol! In fact I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to eat even a chicken that has been running around outside my house… Btw, that baby is so cute!

    • Hi Adee…I can’t argue…I think he is cute too…but I am just sligjtly biased!

  5. Hope the photo of you on the horse turns up so you can show us.

    Guess there’s no use trying to get you to a Stampede when you come to visit me.

    We’ll stick to the beaches. On foot.

    • Hi Souldipper…that is on my bucket list!!!

  6. I wouldn’t mind a little pig, but I’ve been told they wreck the garden. What happened to the horse?

    • Hi cindy…think I recall she went to a strange guy who let her come into the house!!!

  7. Good morning granny. Lovely baby pic. You do have some memories to relate. ;-> It all comes back to us in vivid technicolour as we get older. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…that does mean I don’t have Altzeimers…yet!!!

  8. *shudder* Vegetarian reverses away at top speed.

    • Hi Frog….are you coming over next week???

  9. Remeber when Farmer Boy left a pig’s head in my kitchen?! Sounds like you also had a Mother-in-War 🙂

    • Oh yes Supa…for many years…then when she was all alone she clung to me…life is funny!

  10. Glad you had a safe journey – am missing your blogs during the day – hmmph!
    No 7 is a cutie pie!

    • Hi Wolf…I am missing posting them…it is not the same at night!

  11. I love those kinds of reminiscenses (sp?)! Made me smile with delight. As I’ve said before Gran, you should write a book!

  12. A Horse!!!! but I love that you don’t like food that hurts”
    keep well and thanks for the smile.
    No 7 is a darling 😉

  13. My family is of German descent too and if I ever found a pig’s head in my freezer, I would have reacted the very same way that you did. Gross.

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