Posted by: granny1947 | September 29, 2010

Granny and the hair

Hello All.

I have decided that I am not an evening blogger.
I am so braindead by the time I get home and have finished my chores.
Think I must do my blog at work and bring it home and post it.
Memory sticks are wonderful things.

The next bit of my post is for the more mature women.
The rest of you can tune out.
Wait…don’t go…maybe you should know about this.
Forewarned is forearmed.

Before I go any further I need to tell you something.
I am NOT a hairy person.
I probably only shave every three weeks or so.
And then I don’t really need to.

I had to tell you that.
Even if  you didn’t want to know.

I now have one CHIN hair.
Where did it come from?
I have two school friends who live nearby.
We are all about the same age.
Give or take six months or so.
We ALL have a hair in the exact same spot!

Is this hair a sign of old age?
Is it a hair with delusions of grandeur?
Do you spell delusions with one s or two?
So many deep questions.
This one hair is driving me insane.
My eyesight is not what it used to be.
When I attack it with tweezers I usually pinch a large expanse of skin.
It grows at a frighteningly rapid rate.
When it re-appears it is the focus of my day.
I touch it all the time.
I try to pull it out.
Believe me…that does not work.

Am I alone?


  1. OMW, I too have a hair growing out of a beauty spot (am not calling it a mole) on my chin. Never was there before, but now it grows rapidly too. I just cut it everytime it gets too long. As for the shaving, I also only shave about once every 3 weeks. It must have something to do with O/A

    • Hi Blanket…no…not old age…I have never had to shave!

  2. I’m very sure you’re not alone, granny,but why worry about one solitary hair. If you were a man, you’d have great wodges of it sprouting out of your nose and ears, not to mention your back. One hair you can deal with. Be grateful. ;->

    • Hello AD…read my reply to Adee…….

  3. I agree with AD – be grateful. Men have more hair usually as they get older. I have a single hair on my throat which I pull out as soon as I see it! 😉

    • Don’t get me wrong Adee…I thank God so often that I am not a man…but they are supposed to have facial hair!!!

  4. i also have a lone monster

    • Hi Sidey…I am finding it so fascinating that so many of us have one!

  5. All the women in my family have a solitary hair sprouting from the chin.
    I forgot I had it once and it grew very long. The kids milked it for all it was worth.
    You are a late starter though – I’ve had mine for at least twenty years now.

    • Just call me retarded Madmom…how could you forget the thing????

  6. anotherdayinparadise has a very valid point …
    *Goes off to peer in the mirror*

    • Hi Cindy…did you find one????

  7. I have one that also grows in the same spot. It’s freaky! It has a different texture. I thought if one pulls the root out it would stop growing. Not! Welcome to “the hair” world. Have a lovely day.

    • Hi 40…is it on the left side of your chin?

  8. My friends all talk about the same thing. I’m waiting for mine to sprout – seems inevitable! I’m planning to call it my “male hormone”…. Glad you found a way to blog at work without logging on!

    • Hi RD…as you can see…I have not done a blog from the got in the way!!!

  9. I’m YOUNG and I have had one FOREVER! *wonders if it’s something in the water*

    • Oh Dear Justchef….by the time you get to my age you might have a beard!!!

  10. Oh yes!!! I have 2 growing regularly and with great energy from a mole (there’s that word!) under my chin – thick and ugly just like coir from an old mattress. They get whpped out as soon as they rear their ugly heads and I can’t believe it when they peep out again a couple of weeks later!!

    • Thank you so much for the visit Lellie…yes…mine is prickly too…hate the damn thing.

  11. Yip have one too…. and i have to pull it every week, else i would look worse than hubby……



    • Hello Young Lady…thanks for the visit….incredible how many of us have them…I don’t feel so alone!

  12. “Rogue Chin Hairs” says the list of “Peri to Post Menopause symptoms” from my good doctor. Anyone got a match? This is not good news.

    • Good grief Amy…have been through menopause TWICE…thought the symptoms were behind me!

  13. Now, as an (aging) male of the species, I have a different problem. As the hair has disappeared from my head, it’s reappeared on my ears. I think if I didn’t trim them, I could do an ear-hair comb over. I’ve also developed ultra long eyebrow hairs I call streamers … I can only see them when they’re long enough to extend beyond my glasses. They drive my dear wife nuts … she’s ever read with the tweezers.

    • Hello Bud…someone showed me some tweezers with a little light today….think I need to buy one!

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