Posted by: granny1947 | September 26, 2010

Granny’s WEE trip

Hello All.
I am back.
Tired and sore but safe.

The trip up was uneventful.
Marred only by seeing a beached whale.
That always saddens me.

It took us two and a half hours to get there.
Spent some time kissing and cuddling number seven.
Had two cups of tea.
The set off home.
Making one HUGE mistake.
Forgot to make a trip to the loo first.

The first half of the trip I was ok.
Then I got uncomfortable.
Those two cups of tea were not my friends.
They wanted to leave the building.

Just before Grabouw it started to drizzle.
Not a cloud in the sky.
It always rains there.
I think they make their own rain.
I had my windscreen wipers on intermittent.

Shortly before Sir Lowrys Pass the clouds got lower and darker.
It started to rain harder.
Visibility was dreadful.
Five minutes later…when I remembered to turn the wipers onto a faster speed…it improved dramatically.

I came over the top of the mountain.
My bladder now at bursting point.
And the traffic came to a halt.
I kid you not.
It took half an hour to get off that frigging mountain.
And the pressure was building.
I thought there had been an accident but it was the volume of holiday makers coming home from their long weekend.
And two lanes merging into one at the bottom of the mountain.
Whoever designed that pass should be shot.

Eventually the traffic flow improved but I was now in dire straits.
Thank God for the Shell Ultra City.
That Shell sign was a beacon of hope.
The light at the end of the tunnel.

Normally, I don’t do public toilets.
I avoid them at all costs.
Today was the exception.
Generally I will try to avoid sitting down.
Today I hit that seat with gusto.
So if I get butt boils or expire from the dreaded Loo Lurgy you will know who to blame.

I left the ladies room feeling five pounds lighter.
And one hundred percent more comfortable.
And hungry.
Bought myself a pie.
And a packet of jelly babies.
Wait for it
A bottle of water.
Some people should not be allowed out unsupervised!

A protea bush.
Taken from the car while sitting in the traffic.


  1. Glad you managed to hold it in until you got to the garage, granny. Must have been purgatory. Love the pic. Glad you had a nice cuddle witht the baby. Hugs xx

    • I think it was closer to hell AD!!!

  2. Number 7 is getting so big! Gorgeous.

    • Hello 40…he weighs a ton!!!

  3. Heehee, I’m not quite sure which sounds worse; the butt boils or loo lurgy!
    Glad you were able to spend some time with number seven, he’s really growing at a rapid rate.

    • Hi Again HP…hasn’t he grown? Smiles a lot …so cute.

  4. number 7 looks very cuddly

    • I just wanted to eat him Sidey…such a little love.

  5. Glad you’re back safe and sound, Gran, and looking forward to next weekend’s trip – NOT? Lovely baby…

    • You’ve got that right Adee!

  6. Sounds dreadful, glad you got home safely.
    The baby is stealable!

    • Don’t get any ideas Cindy!

  7. Hello Granny
    That Wee #7 is sure a cutie, and what a nice view you had from the road…Glad you made it to the Shell…to wee and tell!

    • Hello Maggie…have never been so glad to see that Shell sign!!!

  8. You made me laugh, I can only sympathise, been there. No. 7 looks a happy chap 🙂

    • If I made you laugh Supa my job is done!!!

  9. Number 7 is just beautiful! What a cuddly, adorable baby! I’ve been where you were on that mountain, granny….not an enviable position, but I know it’ll happen to me again, especially in the summer with all the iced tea I drink! I avoid public toilets too, but in a “wee” emergency, they’re absolutely welcome!

    • Well, RD the relief was wonderful…so far no butt boils!

  10. Where’s the Warrior Woman Award? If it exists, Granny, it is yours!

    • Hi Souldipper…well you didn’t say amazon…guess that is a plus!!!

  11. You are a riot, Granny. I used to commute crosstown to the University of Southern California for my graduate Bout half way (here in LA the traffic is always bad) there was a billboard for Pepto-Bismol, a diarrhea medicine with a green faced man hunched over the steering wheel. It read “Pepto-Bismol – because the last mile is always the longest.” Does that capture the general idea? Good to be back on your blog.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • That last twenty minutes was HELL Bud!

  12. Love the last paragraph. Tea is always worth it in the end.

    • Thanks for the visit ramblingaffie….glad you enjoyed.

  13. LOL… you are so funny!
    I avoid all public toilets! I would rather sit behind a push and show my behind to people driving past while I pee on the heads of poor unsuspective spiders.

    • push??? PUSH???
      ha ha ha ha – meant BUSH

  14. HI LOVE, No 7 is such a sweetie pie. Pleased you made it to the loo, but admit, I would sneak off to a bush;)
    Lots of love

    • Hello Napier…no bushes…believe me…I looked!

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