Posted by: granny1947 | September 25, 2010

Granny’s Taxi

Good Morning All.

I do hope it IS going to be a good morning.
I have my doubts.
I am taking the 16 year old clothes shopping.
This time we are going to a mall.
Double horrors.
I can’t even go and sit in a coffee shop.
She needs moral support.

She has just come out of the shower.
I have time.
Plenty of it.
Getting dressed will take her a bit of time.
Staring at herself in the mirror will take a lot more.

Tomorrow I head upcountry again.
16 year old is going to my younger daughter for a week.
17 year old is going to his mother.
Five hours on the road.
Next weekend I have to do it again to fetch them.
Also, next weekend Mex is flying out to visit his kids.
We are an hour from the airport.

On the upside I get to see number seven.
This is always good.
In small doses.
When Mex goes away Jasmine comes and sleeps with me.
With her head on his pillow.
It is such a good thing he does not read my blog.
He would freak.
He believes dogs should sleep outside.
What a strange man!

I didn’t win the lottery.
You needn’t all rush out to check your numbers.
No-one won.
More to win on Tuesday.

Right…now I had better get dressed.
The shops await.


  1. Good luck at the shops, Love, hope it turns out to be successful.

    • Hi Cindy…it was fairly successful…in the end!

  2. Jasmine is a dog after my own heart (I think I’ve said that before). Pity my next lover. Fritz gets right under the covers.

    Good luck with the shopping – rather you than me! Maybe I’ll try the lottery. How much will it be? I could do with ANYTHING I’m getting quietly desperate…

    • Hi Adee…I know that feeling!The lottery tonight is R9 million…the powerball on Tuesday is over 40million!

  3. Good luck with the shopping *shudder* I’m with Mex on dogs sleeping on beds, I would also freak! Kitty has a blankie to sleep on (indoors)

    • At least Kitty sleeps indoors Supa…if Mex had his way she would live outside!

  4. goodluck, i’m sure you will find a coffee shop

    • Hello Sidey….At least ten shops later!!!!

  5. What a pity we don’t live closer together. We could have found a little place to sit and sip wine together, while we sent my Marmee off to hit the shops with the 16 year old! She’s a pro at telling people they look fantastic, even though she can’t see diddly!

    • Hi HP…I think I would like your Marmee!

  6. Hope the shops weren’t too nightmarish, granny. Love halfy’s comment. I can just imagine Marmee and your granddaughter going shopping together. I wonder what they’d come back with. ;-> Have a lovely evening. Safe travelling tomorrow. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…it was exhausting but she DID manage to find a few things.

  7. glad you survived the shopping

    • Only just Sidey…only just.

  8. I hope shopping was more successful and less stressful this time, granny! That’s a LOT of driving, your kids and grandkids sure are lucky you’re willing to do it all!

    • Hi RD…willing but not THAT happy!!!

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