Posted by: granny1947 | September 24, 2010

Granny is feeling good.

Good Morning Everyone.

Jasmine and I have just come back from the beach.
What a stunning day.
I haven’t been down for a whole week.
Don’t worry frog…16 year old HAS been taking her for a walk every day.
It felt as if I was looking at the beach with new eyes.
Well, maybe not NEW eyes.
These eyes will never be new again.

It must be the strange phase of the moon but it it was quite eerie down there.
The tide was low.
Very low.
But the waves were big.
I didn’t walk along the water’s edge as I,normally, do.
I am uneasy when the water is so far out.
I read about the Tsunami.
The water sucked way out and then came rushing back.
I wanted to give myself a fighting chance if a huge wave should come bounding towards me.
I don’t know how fast I can run.
I suspect a lot faster than I think.

See what I mean?
That is a lot of beach.

And now I have run out of chat.

Have a wonderful and peaceful long weekend everyone.


  1. As long as you never run out of beach.

    • No bb…I would run out of puff first!

  2. I admit, after seeing scenes filmed of the Tsunami, I would be uneasy too.

    • Hi Adee…you,me and AD!!!

  3. That is quite a lot of beach, granny. Think I also might have been nervous. Glad you’re feeling good today. Hugs xx

    • Ah…someone who understands AD!!!

  4. What gorgeous pictures AGAIN, granny! Those purple flowers add such a spark of color. I’m the opposite of you; when it’s low tide, I venture out as far as I can go to see what the ocean might have revealed of its past. So I don’t sound crazy, I should explain that I’m a vocational archaeologist in my “spare time”, so the opportunity to view previously uncovered land (or sand) is irresistible to me. Besides, from the footage I’ve seen, I don’t think I could outrun a tsunami even if I had a beach-wide head start! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hello RD…what an interesting pastime….I am sure you would find loads to intrique you here.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I would definitely like to visit some day — enjoy the beauty and have a nice weekend yourself!

    • Hello KLRS….make a plan…you will always have a place to stay here!

  6. I’m really enjoying these spring photos since it’s coming up to a year since I was in Cape Town. Like you, I love watching the ocean. High tides can freak me – I don’t envy people whose houses are on the waterfront at those times. Sometimes the waves splash onto their window and sometimes those waves contain ‘deadheads’. That’s what we call loose logs that float innocently, becoming water logged. They become deadly projectiles in storms.

    I’m happy to be half way up a mountain, looking down at the marvel of it all.

    • I am with you Souldipper…when I win the lottery I shall buy a safe distance from the beach…I have tremendous respect for the sea.

  7. I’m also uneasy when the tide is like that, even though it has been explained to me that the ‘continental shelf’ around Cape Town makes it very unlikely that a tsunami is ever going to happen.
    Have a nice Saturday.

  8. it was spring tide! Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

    • hi Tandy…still scary….hope you are having a good one…I am exhausted!

  9. I am coveting your beaches. Is that a sin?

    • Not at all Bud….quite normal!

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