Posted by: granny1947 | September 23, 2010

Granny is observant…not!

Good Evening All.

The above is NOT a today picture.
Today is cold and wet.

I woke up at two this morning with a crashing headache.
Got up to take a pill.
Just as well.
Noticed the back door to the garage was open.
Then discovered I had not locked the back door to the kitchen.
Or the front door.
Naughty Granny.
Any would be rapists had a lucky break.
Me in the nude is enough to cause instant blindness.

No-one has ever accused me of being observant.
In fact, quite the opposite.
When my Stepdad shaved off his moustache I never noticed.
Even though I had never seen him without one.
When I took out my householders insurance policy they asked me what kind of roof I had.
I had no idea.
After all…I had only been living in the house for three years.
I THINK it is green.

Today I left work at one.
Thanks to feeling rotten.
I got to the end of our little road.
The little road I drive on EVERY day.
I glanced up and there it was.
A new building.
When did that happen?
How did that happen?
I have a theory.
There is a parallel universe.
Somehow I keep switching from one to the other.
In the “other” universe there IS no building.
This is the explanation for the numerous times I go to the fridge and stand there wondering why.
Anyone buying this?
Blame it on the pills.

On the upside I came home and slept for four hours.
I feel much better.
A bit fuzzy but better.

Oh yes…before I go.
The grandson who only restarted school midway last term.
He came 21 out of50 kids in the grade.
He passed everything.
I am SO proud of him.

Now you all go out and enjoy life.


  1. I wondered where you vanished too this afternoon. Great news about grandson. He definitely got grannies genes

    • You are too kind Belinda…what do you want?????

  2. Congratulations on your grandson doing so well! And I’m glad you’re feeling better now too. I really enjoyed this post, you’re so funny! Makes me feel better that my husband’s not the only one who doesn’t notice things, like when I get a brand new haircut or new clothes. He probably wouldn’t notice if I dyed my hair flaming red!

    • Hi RD…I think he might just notice flaming red hair!!!

  3. lol, if your parallel universe is better than this one, point me in the direction.
    Congratulations to your grandson, that’s a wonderful achievement!

    • Thanks HP…am very chuffed with him.

  4. Congratulations to your grandson!

    And I am the very same way, Granny! I was a bank teller for many years and I would always worry about getting held up. I wasn’t worried about guns or robbers, I was worried that I wouldn’t remember anything about the robber.

    • Hi Joann…I was also a bank teller…I KNEW there was something strange about the two of us!!

  5. That is wonderful news about your grandson. Good for him!

    I’ve forgotten to lock outside doors sometimes too… Sometimes just fell asleep watching TV and climbed into bed without checking. But since I lost Fire in January I’ve been much more careful.

    I love that you’re back!!!

    • Thanks Adee…it is great to be back!

  6. Well done to your grandson. What a star! Glad you’re feeling better now. I also don’t notice lots of things, for example, I have no clue as to my car reg. number. When I go to visit Mom, the security guard always has to fill it in on the form. ;-> Hugs, and have a great weekend. xx

    • Hello AD…how strange…you ended up in my spam box!
      Registration number?
      Not a cooking clue!

  7. That’s excellent news re the Grandson 🙂

    I’m like AD I don’t remember registration numbers, the only one I remember is one I had for years NP7163.

    • Well you are one up on me Supa…I don’t even remember one.
      As I get older I only keep essential things in the memory bank.

  8. I remember all sorts of useless information but forget to lock my doors at night.Don’t feel bad.Great news about Grandson passing all his subjects.Sometimes even teenagers amaze!We are having the most stunning weather in Jhb at the moment-I’m going to spend the day gardening.Have a good weekend and take care.

    • Good Morning bb…no gardening for me.
      I might nap!

  9. I am so stoked about your grandson! Goes to show that he is really trying now – right? Maybe he has finally turned the corner to finally leave his teenage shyte behind him and turn back into human form. You can but dream huh?

    I had a good giggle about your completely inability to be observant in any shape or form. I am with you 100% on that. To this day I still insist that they planted a fully grown tree in our garden one night, because the next morning the damn thing was just there without any warning…. *grin*

    • Me too Lynda…I have high hopes for him…hope they aren’t dashed!
      Of course they planted a fully grown tree…they are messing with your mind!

  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! *clenched fist thrust high in the air* Thrilled to bits about the boy! Congrats to him and to you granny. He IS going to be just fine eventually. So laughing as I am catching up with your blog. Sorry, have been missing for ages. Holidays were hectic…you got rid of yours. I got mine full time hehe! And I’m working on the next bloggers conference…love you xx

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