Posted by: granny1947 | September 21, 2010

Granny is baaaaaaack!

Hello Everyone.
I don’t want to say I am back too loudly.
Just in case Telkom hear me.
I found I was back up last night but it was too late to do anything.
Will try to catch up on everyone’s posts later.

The picture is for KLRS.
The light wasn’t too good,I’m afraid.
I think the church on the left is the original church and then they built the stone one.

Now I have gone blank.
Oh good grief…I have forgotten how to blog!
Maybe I should make some supper and come back?

Nope…hasn’t worked.

I have just realised my life is very dull.
Since I last blogged(Sunday excluded) I have done very little.
I go to work.
I come home.
I cook.
I read for a while.
I sleep.

Actually, work has been a challenge.
It is not only the internet that rejected me.
Our operating system,at work, also decided it did not like me.
Our IT guy tried to reload it.
Now it does not work at all.
He has had to give me a laptop.
Now I have a pc AND a laptop.
I have to use both of them.
It is messing with my brain.
I keep using the wrong mouse.

Oh hell…I am boring you all to tears.
Let me look for another photo.

This is a pic taken at the harbour where we had lunch on Saturday.
Just love the place.
So full of atmosphere.

Enough for today…let me visit a few posts now.


  1. Come now, tell the truth.
    You’ve deliberately jinxed your pc at work until they give your internet access back!
    It’s good to see you back again 🙂

    • Thanks HP…what a good idea…I will elaborate on it!

  2. YAY you back !!!
    At least you don’t lock the entire company out of the accounting package every time you send a batch to print and update like I have been doing since Friday ..
    then of course the only way to clear it is to bring the servers down .. there must be easier ways to win friends and influence people 😉 ..
    I have become understandably reluctant to press print when the IT chicke tells me to 😉 ..
    Did Telkom ever admit to what the issue was?

    • Hello Puppycat…happy birthday…hope it has been a good one.
      It WAS a Telkom fault but they aren’t saying much!

  3. Great to see you again, granny. That place where you had lunch, looks great. Your work sounds totally confusing. Not surprised your mind is boggled. Hugs xx Sleep well.

    • It was a very confusing day today too…my wine is going down well!

  4. Yay that you’re back, boo for boasting about your lunch venue. Oh well, maybe we can lunch there together soon.

    • Hi My Friend…that is a date!!!

    • Me too me too!! xx

  5. Great to see you again and hope this time it lasts longer than the last! Don’t worry, I have had to work with a PC and a laptop once and it was confusing…

    • Hi Adee…my brain is completely fried!

  6. Nice to see you back, I know what you mean about not being able to blog……it’s eluded me completely! 😦

    • Hello Supa…are you going to retire now?

  7. Glad you’re back – great pics 🙂

    • Thanks Bandsmoke…sure is good to be here.

  8. YAY!!

    • Hi Wolf…got the internet back and the found I had nothing to say….sigh!

  9. Just had a delightful fish and chips supper at that there venue…also really love going there. Watched the whales over the harbour wall for a bit too…they were really active and the bay was like glass xx

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