Posted by: granny1947 | September 19, 2010

Granny is not really here

Hello Everyone.
I am posting from my daughter in law’s place.
I am on day five with no internet.
I am not amused.
The Telkom technicians and I are on first name terms.
I have logged two faults.
I have escalated the fault.
Apparently, escalating the fault brings results.
Yeah right!!!

I suspect that someone on the Telkom exchange reads my blogs.
They have pulled my plug.
They have the power.

I know I said I had a lot to tell you on my last post.
It will have to remain untold.
It has drifted out of my memory banks.

After my blog on the kidney/bladder problem the concensus seemed to be Cranberry juice.
I,duly, bought some.
You lot could have warned me it was so expensive.
R72-00 for 500ml.
I could have bought five litres of wine for less.
Anyway, it appears to have worked.
Thank you!

Yesterday, I had lunch at the Kalk Bay harbour.
Hence the photo of the seal.
He looked like he was posing for me.
I think, however, he was waiting for me to throw him some fish.
Life is full of disappointments.

The lunch was to say goodbye to a young blogger friend from my previous site.
He and his partner are off to Hong Kong for two years.
I love the two of them to bits and am going to miss them like crazy.
Thank heavens for e-mail.
Stay in touch Simon and Mike.

For my local readers the following people were there.

Luscious One.
Mos Native.
New Attitude.

A lovely group of people.
I might even do a post on the old site tomorrow to share some pics.

Now…I am being very rude to New Attitude so I will stop now.
I am missing you all like mad.
Hopefully, I am back on the air this week.



  1. Thanks for the news, Gran. I hated being blocked from using the net and hope they sort you out properly next time. Glad to hear your probems have been sorted by the cranberry juice – still much cheaper than a trip to the doctor AND (probably) then buy the cranberry juice, or his script. Take care.

    • Hello Adee…there is no chance of getting it at work but,hopefully,will have it at home soon.Funny thing is I can get onto Lettterdash from work!

  2. Great to know the crannbery juice has worked. Maybe it would have got better on it’s own. Who knows? The MOB sounds excellent. Wish I could meet you all. Hope Hellkom have mercy on you soon. have a great evening. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD….the mob was great fun but it got so cold I left quite early…have some great pics of the harbour.

  3. glad the cranberry juice helped.

    missed you!

    • Thanks sidey have missed you guys too.

  4. So glad to hear everything’s okay, Gran! I was getting worried about you! I don’t know what R72-00 translates into as American dollars, but here cranberry juice isn’t any more expensive than other juices. It’s certainly way less expensive than the UTI meds we’d have to buy, especially for those of us who don’t have insurance! Those Telkom people are starting to get me mad now too! Don’t they know we look forward to your posts??!!

    • Hi RD…it is roughly $10…..expensive in my book!

  5. Do you mean physically or mentally not here? *grin*
    Great to hear the cranberry juice did the trick.
    Has Hellkom said exactly what the problem is with your line?
    I can get into my gmail from the office, and managed to post a comment on Sidey’s post on Friday. Imagine my shock when I logged in from home to find no comment 😦

  6. WOW that IS expensive! It’s only about $3.00 here, unless you can get it on sale for less. All this cranberry juice talk has me craving it now!

    • Hi RD…I thought it was VERY expensive…like drinking gold!

  7. That was great! read it aloud to my husband — we both were laughing out loud! Thanks Granny! The seal pic is too cute. Hope you get your internet back soon.


    • Hi KLRS…it came back and then went!!!

  8. Hope you lot didn’t say anything you didn’t say about other bloggers!
    I need cranberry juice too 😦

  9. Miss you, Granny. It’s time those blokes put you on their priority list. Have you tried sending a fresh pie?

    Tell them that Canada can’t do with a Granny Fix.

    • Obviously I meant ‘can’t do withOUT a…”

    • Hi Souldipper…I will tell them that…nothing else is working!

  10. Glad you are feeling better, I would have loved to have been at that Mob.

  11. Ah we’re definitely staying in touch man Gogo. Thanks so much for organising on Saturday – it was such a lekker afternoon. We will miss you so much! But thank goodness for the internet (when it works).

    Love Simon (and Mike too).

    • It is working for now Simon…who knows for how long….by now you are there…can’t wait to hear all about it.
      No wait…you are still in SA.

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