Posted by: granny1947 | September 14, 2010

Granny’s Tiresome Tuesday

Good Evening Everyone.
Have been rushing around like a madwoman.
Tomorrow,after work, I head off to Somerset West(about an hour from here) to pick up my Stepdad.
He and his brother are coming down for their sister’s 90th birthday.
So I have been making beds…well one bed…and sorting out books and cd’s I want to send back with him.

Why has my day been tiresome?
Well, let me think.
It started with me putting more caustic soda down the drains.
Then coughing my lungs up because I inhaled the fumes.
And it didn’t work.
Damn things are all still blocked.
I am sure my granddaughter has blocked up the works with toilet paper.
She has allergies and immediately starts sneezing and blowing her nose when she gets here.
It could be the dog.
It could be the cat.
It could be the dust(I am NOT a good housewife)
I think it is me.

Then I walked outside to get into the car and my day improved somewhat.
There is a wonderful stone Catholic church on the mountainside.
They ring their bells as I leave at seven.
I love it.

This is what greeted me when I got outside.

Nope you will have to wait.
I keep losing my internet.

Damn I had quite a lot to share with you.

Am going to quit while I am ahead.
Sorry guys.



  1. Oh, the suspense! Love that church. How’s the citra soda going? Not the caustic soda!

  2. Ack! I’d love to see a photo of that church and hear the rest of your story! How’re you feeling? I got stuck with jury duty all day but I just had to check in with you when I got home! 🙂

  3. Sorry about your net connection (again!) and what a sod about the loo. I think, number one, pour copious buckets of water down and then if that doesn’t clear it, number two, get someone in – and I know it is quite expensive usually – to check that the problem isn’t roots. Some people have to have roots removed annually. Have a good day, Gran.

  4. I hope Adee is wrong about the roots. We had the same problem last year and it turned out roots from way back when had broken the pipes 😦

    Hope today is a whole lot better.

  5. Thanks for the great photos, Granny. Love the rough seas. I’ve been chopping my winter’s supply of wood so have been catching up on my reading. Hope all your pipes are soon back in commission.

    • Thanks Souldipper…all pipes back in working order!

  6. You have a lovely photo of that church, you need to find it and post it again.
    Adee may be right about the roots.

    • Hi Cindy….think I will have to take a new one…have over 12000 pics!

  7. Good morning granny. Maybe you need to get a plumber in to sort out the drains. Hope the p90th birthday celebrations are really great. Havea much better day today. Hugs xx

  8. Blocked drains – a common occurance here. Find your IE thingie (Look for the manhole, open the pipe lid thingie) and stick your hose down it. It should flush the loo paper down the pipes. Or open the lid thingie of the pipe coming from the loo (outside, against your wall by the loo) and do the same with the hosepipe. Stand back as far as you can. It can get a tad messy. 🙂

    • Hi Madmom…that is just too many thingies…I knew I had kids for a reason!

  9. Ag no!!! Little Madam has a school play this week!!! We could have met for Merlot when you come and fetch your step dad 😦

    *hides Merlot behind Granny’s calendar*

    • We MUST make a plan soon Justme…where do you live?

  10. DO your family use earbuds? Those things are the death of drains.

    • Hi Robin…great seeing you again yesterday.

  11. Hello luv, did a quick catch up. Im so sorry you have been under the weather and having internet problems to boot. Awful stuff. I hope the bladder infection is getting better. Sometimes citro soda just masks it and it sits there. Drink loads of water (cranberry juice is also very good) to flush out the kidneys and bladder. Blocked drains…urgghh! Hate that problem! I prefer liquid acid to caustic soda. It seems to work better…followed by a kettle full of boiling water. But if its the loo drains….Madmom is right…hosepipes and high pressure water bursts might just do the trick. Make grand daughter hold the hosepipe near the drains and you work the tap OK? Hope the 90th celebration goes well and that you have a good time with stepdad. How is he doing now?? Love you lots xx

    • Hello Colleen…much better thanks,love….drains also sorted!

  12. Good morning Gran! Would love to see that picture of the church — as something of a pagan myself, I am inexplicably drawn to churches — go figure.

    • Hi Klrs…I will post a picture of the church soon…I promise.

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