Posted by: granny1947 | September 12, 2010

Granny is not well

Granny is not well.
Think I have a bladder infection.
Or a kidney infection.
Take your pick.
I have used up my medical aid funds for the year.
I was NOT supposed to get sick.
Anyone got any home remedies?
Even old wives tales.
Wait…that would be me.
Not that I am a wife.
Thank heavens for small mercies.

Someone in the house is happy.

She wasn’t smiling at me.
She had just eaten some seaweed.

Oh wow….have just listened to the news.
Julius Motormouth Malema just said something I agree with.
Start building your Ark.
Floods are on the way.
He has just had a go at Zoomer.
He says people should have one wife.
Seeing that Zuma is on wife number five(I think).
And our illustrious president is expecting his 22nd child…I cannot fault that statement.
The man is a mobile spermbank.

And now I am going to have a shower.
Start the week off with a good night’s sleep.


  1. Can’t you get something from the chemist?

    • hello Nzwaa…thank you for the visit…I am sure if I drink lots of water…and widdle a lot…I will get better!

  2. citro soda, does that not help

    • I bought some today…have had my first dose Blanket…will have to wait and see.

  3. Isn’t Apple Cider Vinegar supposed to be the thing for bladders – check with chemist – also Cranberry pilletjies are good for bladders too. I think just drink LOTS and LOTS of water to flush out whatever bug it is. Sorry Gran, hope you’re better soon. xxx

    • Hi Adee…have bought Cirosoda and will drinks lots of water…and widdle a lot.

  4. Granny I would suggest some natural antibiotic supplements from your health food store (or pantry): cranberry, garlic, black walnut, and grapefruit seed extract (Nutribiotic).
    Cut out sweets, reduce fats, eat alkaline (fresh veggies) and drink lots of water. Hugs are a bonus. Hope you feel better.

    • Hello Spirited Soul…Like the idea of the garlic…not sure how everyone around me will like it!

  5. painkillers stop the feeling of wanting to pee every few minutes

    water – lots

    natural anti-biotics – honey, cinnamon and lemon

    • Hi Sidey…now honey I DO have…am off to have some now!

  6. You seem to have lots of suggestions already, granny. I’ll just wish you well. It’s not a pleasant condition. Hugs xx

    • Hehehe AD….I am going to try the whole damn lot!

  7. I get loads of bladder infections because I love tomatoes… (don’t ask me… the Herbalist blames the poor little tomatoes…)
    What are the symptoms? Slow dribbles, burning, folding double from pain in the lower part of your stomach???
    I use nothing else but the citro-soda sachets. You get them at the supermarket as well. Drink them on an empty stomach and wait for the magic to work. Oh and don’t ask the chemist – because they will give you other crap like enos, ignore them and insist on citro-soda sachets. A box of about 20 sachets cost about R40…. a real bargain.

    • Hi Frog…bought a bottle of Citrosoda…had it after food because I had already eaten but will have another dose now before supper…followed by a spoon of honey…and garlic with my supper!

  8. Ah Granny, not pleasant – know how it feels. Citro Soda for bladder – parsley tea for kidneys. Hubby had kidney stones, was nearly passing out with the pain – homeopath told him to drink parsley tea till it came out of his ears – 4 days and hey presto – no more stones. You can use fresh parsley but dried is better – we found that the Cape Herb Company dried parsley was best. Put a couple of teaspoons of dried parsley in a cup, pour over boiling water and let cool – strain and sip – drink as much as you can.

    • Thank you Wolf…will get some parsley tomorrow..thank you.

  9. Well, you have been given lots of advice.
    Hope it gets better soon.

    • Me too Cindy…don’t feel great tonight!

  10. cranberry juice, and lots of it, will help with your infection!

    • Oh my goodness…will have to buy some tomorrow when I get the parsley!Thanks Tandy.

  11. Get well soonest.

    • Thanks Supa…think it is an age thing!

  12. Hey there granny…one of those rare moment that I can comment 😉

    Go to your local chemist’s herbal area. Weleda (pink/purple box) and look for their bladder infection/kidney infection) remedy.

    This works like a charm and works instantly. I found that Citro Soda and the cheaper one Alkaline Fizz or something only works after the 3rd time, and by that time I’m so nauseas of it that it doesnt stay in.

    They say that cranberry juice also fights the infection, but try that Weleda stuff, it helps 🙂

    • Hi Natasha…thanks for the visit…..I am now all suggested out….I think I am going to go for the cranberry!

  13. Raat suggested in an email, Gogo.

    • Thanks Daai…have never seen any herbalists along that road!

  14. I hope you’re feeling better by now, Granny! Those things are awful. Like others have said, lots of cranberry juice and water always does the trick for me when I get a UTI (if I catch it early). I’ve avoided several trips to the dr’s office over the years by doing that.

    • Hello RD…how is that gorgeous dog?
      It sounds like Cranberry is the popular choice!

  15. Sorry you’re under the weather, I hope you’re feeling much better by now.

  16. Granny, I’m so sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Bladder and kidney infections are just awful. You have lots of good advice there. I’ll just say what I do, which is lots of water, cranberry juice, but that can be awfully sugary, so white grape juice is just as acidic and works without all the sugars.

    • Uhm….Joann….does dry white wine fit that bill????

  17. I do hope you are fit and well again – problems with waterworks are always a total pain in more ways than one!

    • Getting there thanks Col..getting…mind you…depends on WHICH waterworks you are talking about.

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