Posted by: granny1947 | September 11, 2010

Granny goes to prison.

Good Morning Everyone.

I have missed you all for a couple of days.
Exhaustion just caught up with me last night and I was asleep at 7:30pm.
Awoke at three and had a little piece of cold pizza and went back to sleep.
Woke again at 6:30am…made some coffee and fell asleep before I could drink it.
Woke again at 8:30 and decided I should get up before I fell asleep again.
Wonder if I have sleeping sickness?
Nope…when you get to my age a couple of late nights really mess you up.
Well, me anyway.

So yesterday a friend at work insisted on taking me out for lunch.
We went to the infamous Pollsmore prison.
It is a five minute drive from my work.
It was a real eye opener.

The area is HUGE.
It is like a whole suburban community in there.
Blocks of flats and townhouses.
Lovely ones.
Tennis courts and recreation centres.
I doubt that any of these amenities are for the prisoners.
The wardens seem to have it good.

We were the only people having  a sitdown lunch.
I wonder why?

The decor was pleasant.
The menu was varied.
The prices were incredibly cheap.
Well, think about it…they don’t have to pay wages or rent.
We were served(I think he might have been the cook too) by a charming gentleman called Trevor.
He is due for release in ten days time and is very excited.
I told him I hope I never see him there again.

I don’t do big meals at midday so I opted for 100g of Calamari and 200g of chips.
This is what I got.

And the price?
Wait for it.

A whole twenty rand!!!!
For overseas friends that equates to under $3.00

Right….it is a glorious day here today.
I think I should dress and head for the beach.
Or do some housework.
Pffffffffft…we all know which one I am going to do.

Have a super weekend everyone.



  1. Is everything on the menu deep-fried? That looks like a heart attack on a plate!
    Enjoy the beach, overcast here, which is probably a good thing as I have to work.
    Love you.

    • My goodness Cindy…you and Supa are quick on the draw….I don’t normally do deep fried anything but thought I would just get a little portion.
      They have steak and other stuff…even Ox head and tripe!

  2. Now that is outstanding value for money! Have a great weekend.

    • Good Morning Supa…congrats on winning that prize…now…do I get to meet you??????

      • *whispers to granny* Heaven help her if she does not let us mini mob with her!!!!!!!!!!

      • Name the day and time Justme and I will be there…after payday!

      • PS: I’m JustMe, but I have opened a foodie blog, so please allow me to comment 😛

      • No man JustMe…I hate visiting food blogs…I get SO hungry!

  3. Wow! What a feast. Yes, today is not a day for housework. It’s a day for taking a drive around the coast, Misty Cliffs, Kommetjie, etc, hoping to see some whales (well, that’s what I am planning). We saw some off Kalk Bay the other day. Have a super day!

    • Hi 40…stop in and have some coffee!

  4. That looks good to me, but then I am a deep-fried fan! Have a good and restful/relaxing weekend Gran. 😀

    • Hi Adee…deepfried and me don’t go well together…I am strictly a grilling fan!

      • I like grilling too – I would say 50%/50%!

      • I do grilling about 90% of the time…frying makes me nauseous.

  5. was the calimari tender, if you have deep fried, then it must be worth the artery clogging?

    So you too are doing housework today?

    • Hi Sidey….it melted it was so tender.
      I am pretending to do a bit of housework.
      Now have to take 16yr old to buy clothes..sigh.
      17 year old is busy downloading a game…double sigh.

  6. I also want to go to prison for lunch. Calamari and chips for that price is awesome. I hope you ate it all, nevermind what the naysayers say. You need a little deep fried occasionally. ;-> Have a great and wakeful Saturday, granny. Hugs xx

    • Of course I ate it all AD…my diet has gone for a ball of chalk!

  7. That is amazing.You can’t even make it yourself for that price.Have a good weekend.

    • Hello bb….it was out of this world….hope your weekend is good too…I have a nap attack coming on!

  8. Cool concept – didn’t know prisons fed non-incarcerated citizens. Or is there something you are not telling us, Granny?

    Love the spray blowing off the wave. You have such an incredible selection of beaches. I was Cape Town last year in October. I noticed that about this time of year, our weathers are very similar. But not for long.

    • You are very insightful Souldipper….let us keep my sordid secret between the two of us!

  9. That looks delicious, if not a little on the bad boy side of things, kind of like the prisoners. So, let me get this straight, the prisoners have a restaurant where the public can eat? That’s actually pretty cool. I would patronize something like that. Have a great beachy weekend!

    • Hello Joann…yes you have it right….I will go again after I have ensured that the prisoner serving me is not inside for poisoning someone!

  10. What an interesting concept, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Thanks for sharing. (ps I love that smiling cat image you use Granny!).

    • Hi Spirited Soul…isn’t it unusual? I just love it.

  11. My mum playes bowls there so you can imagine just how worried we were until we got to see the place for ourselves…..
    Welcome back!!!!!!!

    • Hi Frog….I was amazed at the place….really nice…guess the actual prison isn’t all that nice.

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