Posted by: granny1947 | September 8, 2010

Granny is exhausted.


Hello All from an exhausted Granny.

Today has been one problem after another.
Problems that caused my blood pressure to soar,
I sorted most of them out but I am completely exhausted.

One of my staff phoned me at 6:30am to tell me he wouldn’t be in.
He tripped down his stairs at home yesterday.
Twisted his foot.
Insisted on taking off his shoe and showing me the injury.
It was not a pretty sight.
Not the injury.
His foot!

I felt like telling him I have toothache.
A lump under my one foot where I think I have a piece of embedded glass.
A burning pain in my tum.
It is so hard to show sympathy or empathy!

On the upside the beach walk was awesome.
My granddaughter is staying with me.
It was supposed to be for three weeks or so.
Now it looks like it could be longer.
I am going to be talked to death.

There was an article in the paper the other day.
Two cars hit a cow.
Not uncommon in this country.
The flying squad arrived.
The two officers climbed out their car and stood surveying the scene.
Then cut off the cow’s head.
Put it in their trunk.
And drove off.
Only in South Africa.

In case my overseas readers are wondering.
A cow’s head is quite a delicacy in this country.
Well….in some sectors.
Not in my lifetime.
I don’t eat anything that can look at me.

Now this weary Granny is heading off to bed,

I will have to catch up on your posts over the weekend.

Nite nite.



  1. The Supa’s are also taking strain at the moment so I sympathise. Are you settled in your new space at work?

    • Yes thanks Supa…a bit of an adjustment but it is going to be fine…sorry you are also taking strain.

  2. Shame, what a rotten day Gran! Good grief – some cops… I haven’t heard about cows’ heads, although I have heard about headmeat. I thought sheeps’ heads and sheeps’ eyes were the sought after delicacies in this part of the world… I wondered why you don’t do your blogs at work, but on a flash drive/memory stick to copy and paste in the evenings. It would be almost as it used to be then for you.

    • Hi Adee…what a good idea..think I will try it tomorrow if I get a chance.

  3. Hello, big hugs and love xxx hope you have a better day tomorrow *mwah*

    • Mwah to you too NA…lots of love darling.

  4. Ew GROSS about the cow’s head! But it sounds like you and your granddaughter will have lots of fun together. Sorry about your not-so-great day, hope tomorrow’s better! At least you have internet service! 😉

    • Hello RD….eyes are closing on this side of the world!

  5. Hope you get the grand daughter to pick up the Jasmine poop, then wash her hands and make you lots of flap jacks!
    Yes, that cow’s head story is something that could only happen here.
    Good luck with the stress, Love.

    • Hi Cindy…flapjacks not on my diet..sigh.

  6. *hides a case of Merlot behind Granny’s calender*

    Eeeekkk about the head!!! Hope you have a better day today!

    • Thanks Justme…I need that!!!

  7. Hope you had a good night’s sleep granny. That cow’s head story is bizarre. A you say TIA. Have a good day. Hugs to you.

    • Thanks AD…another late night I’m afraid!

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  9. You deserve some TLC!

    • I don’t know about that Rose…think I should go to bed!!

  10. Tha must have been some day you had!

    ‘One of my staff phoned me at six-thirty…………..twisted his foot. Insisted on……………….showing me his injury.’

    Your staff phone on Skype????????

    • Hello Douglas….don’t yours????

  11. Gogos thank you so much for having me last night. It was lovely seeing you again. And thanks for the great food! Love Simon.

    • It was my pleasure Simon…great to see you again…mwah

  12. i also don’t like eating the things that look at me

    • Hi Sidey…even fish!!!

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