Posted by: granny1947 | September 7, 2010


I have asked Cindy to post for me.
I am still having internet problems.

I managed to get internet last night.
For about five minutes.
At snail pace.
Telkom tried to tell me it wasn’t them.


So …after much resetting of ports and turning my router on and off and restarting my computer…they agreed to log a fault.
I, unhappily,  went off to bed.

At one o’clock this morning my cell phone beeped to tell me there was an sms.

I repeat…at ONE o’clock.

I dozed off again but my sub-conscious nudged me.

I shot up in bed.
Thought someone must have died.
I think things like that when my phone goes at that time.

While I turned on the light and looked for my glasses I reassured myself that no-one could have died.

I mean, they wouldn’t SMS me.

Would they?

Anyway…it was from Telkom…informing me they had logged a fault.


What sadistic bastard decides to send an sms at that time of the morning?

Obviously someone who is bitter that he is awake and working.

Misery loves company.

On the upside I am meeting Puppycat for lunch today.

Something nice to look forward to.

So dear friends.
I am not ignoring you.

I miss you all like crazy.



  1. Eeek … left out the ‘Hello’ at the beginning of the post, sorry!
    Hope Telkom get their act together today.
    Love this pic of Jasmine 🙂

    • No problem love…thank you so much for all the trouble.

  2. I’m sorry Gran! I know what you’re going through… I agree with Cin, gorgeous pic of Jasmine. Enjoy your lunch!

    • Hello Adee…looks like they have sorted out the problem that wasn’t theirs!!

      • Bwahahaha!!!

      • Hi Adee….can’t remember what I said but I am glad I made you laugh!

  3. How frustrating! I feel your pain, enjoy lunch with my townie! 🙂

    • Hello Supa…it was great seeing her again…she is looking well.

  4. Hi Granny
    I live in California and have been having Internet problems since last Thursday or so. I was pulling my hair out with panic and frustration…a true addiction I guess. Miraculously today all was well. Maybe it was Mercury Retrograde, or a worldwide conspiracy? 🙂
    Hope you get a personal fix soon and feel better.

    • Hello Spirited Soul…thank you so much for the visit….yes…it must be a conspiracy against bloggers…paranoia reigns supreme!

  5. Guess what? I just got one of them phones from Telkom, no phone call or letter just a phone in a box! 🙂

    • Hey Supa….that is great…you would think they would,at least, put a note in the box.

  6. Eek! Hope it gets sorted soon, Granny.

    • Hello Madmom….it looks as if it is ok!

  7. Yikes! How awful to be so disconnected! I feel for you, Gran. I’ll stick pins in a little Telkom doll to nudge them into action LOL. You nailed it – they called at that ungodly hour because you were making them work when they wanted to nap. Unmannerly oafs.

    • Hello RD…did you do it????If so…it worked…thank you!

  8. I want my Granny back!
    Thats it! Tomorrow I’m putting on my sports bra and taping down my ample bossom! Look for me on the news – I will be the one toyi-toying outside the frigging Telkom head office building here in Cape Town….. argh!

    • Put the bra away Frog….am whizzing around here!

  9. Granny, it must be in the air because I have an extremely slow connection here in Dubai. Anyway, hope Telkom can sort it out.

    • Hi Prisha…thank you for the visit. Mine is great tonight….shhhhh….don’t want to tempt fate!

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