Posted by: granny1947 | September 4, 2010

Granny goes grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Good Morning All.

So…last night I spent over an hour on the phone with service providers.
I had no internet.

In the end I was told my router seemed to be the problem.
I was advised to take it into Telkom to have it checked out.
I was not happy.
Telkom is NOT a place you want to spend your Saturday morning!
The crowd nearest to us are very unhelpful.

Being the eternal optimist I got up this morning and BINGO…I had  an internet light but
still could not connect.
Got someone(at last) who knew what he was doing.
It was a password problem.
I am back in touch with the world.
On the upside I had an early night!

I need to go and get dressed soon.
My elder son is coming down.
I have to fetch him at the airport.
He has just phoned.
He wants me to pick him up at departures.
They don’t let you wait there.
Damn…why can’t he go to arrivals like everyone else?
Now I am going to have to make best friends with the security guy who tells me to move.

It is cold and miserable here.
Spring has NOT sprung.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



  1. Enjoy your weekend, sunny here.

    • Thanks Supa…you too love.

  2. Glad your internet is sorted – I have found that either the technicians are very good or useless when I’ve had a problem. The last time when I was without the net for 2 weeks and told about their ‘huge’ problem, it also turned out to be a simple password problem. Anyway hope your son’s there when you arrive so you don’t have to wait. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hello Adee…he wasn’t so I sat at arrivals where they don’t chase you away and waited for him to phone me!

  3. Happy you managed to get it sorted.
    Do the feeble granny thing and the security man will be putty in your hands, tell him you’re incontinent and had an accident and can’t get out of the car.
    Love you.

    • Lol Cindy…I must remember that one for future use!

  4. I rather like Cindy’s suggestion, granny. How lovely that your son is coming to see you. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD….he is coming to his family but it was nice to see him on the trip back from the airport.

  5. Thankyou and I am glad you got sorted xxx

    • Thanks NA…my pleasure!

  6. Welcome back to cyberworld! I look forward to your posts every day. I like Cindy’s idea, play the “Granny” card! Make late-middle-age work for you – there have to be SOME benefits to this aging thing! LOL

    • Hello RD…I love it…late middle age…must remember that one!!!

  7. Granny, Quick! While you have Internet, please pick up an award on my blog.

  8. The people at the Telkom helpdesk has sub-atomic implants done into their brains that programs them to drive everybody in South Africa insane so that Telkom can take over the world. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

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