Posted by: granny1947 | September 2, 2010

Granny’s busy evening

Good Evening Everyone.
Are you happy now Frog?
I rushed home from work and grabbed Jasmine and headed for the beach.
Despite the clouds it was a much more pleasant evening.
There was a breeze but it was not coming off the sea so it was not so cold.

I got back home and had a quick shower.
Then Mex took me to a restuarant in the old game reserve,
It was the first time we had been there.
Very pleasant.
I had a Springbok rump.
Sorry Frog.

They still have some buffalo there.
There was a youngster in a nearby camp.
It was too cold to go outside to get a pic.
Turns out I am not a dedicated photographer.
I took the following pic through the window.

There were two Egyptian geese.
Beautiful creatures.

This morning I walked out of my house and stopped dead in my tracks.
OK…I wasn’t dead.
It was daylight.
The sun was still behind the mountain but it was light.
Yippee….another few weeks and I will be doing the early morning walk.
I can’t wait.

I work about 22kms from my home.
To get to work I have to go over a mountain pass.
This morning I could really appreciate the beauty.
There was an ass-hole who was doing 60kms an hour.
And NO…it wasn’t me!

I reached the top of the mountain and Cape Town had disappeared.
There was just a thick blanket of low cloud.
It was awesome.
And then I was in it…a real peasouper.
What a city.
I just love this place.
I should have taken a picture but I was running a little late.

And now I have a couple of dishes to do and then bed is calling.
I will have to visit your posts over the weekend.

Have a great evening all.


  1. Loooooove the picture of the beach.
    Springbok fillet but a rump woulda done me – yum!
    Have a good weekend Granny

    • Good Evening MissChris….thank you…the clouds were awesome today.

  2. Yeah! You posted…. damn you can make a person wait!
    I can’t wait for it to be light enough for me to take a walk down the beachfront in the morning.
    The weather today was freaky! Rainy one moment and then sunny the next… Now is the time that you have to dress in layers…
    And stop eating the poor Springbok’s butt!

    • I know Frog…am feeling quite guilty now….

  3. you people down there don’t understand consisyency in weather, you gotta learn to do it better

    • Hi Sidey….that would be so boring…I love that we have all four seasons in one day.

  4. I’ve never seen Egyptian geese before – so interesting! And I don’t even know what Springbok rump is. Makes me feel like I need to travel more! (No one would have to ask me twice!!) We’re expecting a hurricane here tomorrow, let’s hope it passes fast!

    • Oh my word RD…a hurricane…stay safe.

  5. Lovely post Gran! I agree the Egyptian geese are beautiful. I used to see them quite often when I worked in Rivonia, but don’t know if they still frequent the little park.

    I love that it’s getting light earlier here too. Have a good Friday.

  6. Love that restaurant, I once went for wee and a buffalo looked at my through the toilet window.

    • Hi Cindy…I didn’t go to the loo…just in case I met one on the path!

  7. oops, sorry, will post a letter over the week-end Promise!!!!
    Lots of love

    • At long last Napier…I will be watching my inbox…send it to home please!

  8. Beautiful beach pic…I see those two of those geese at Walk for Life twice a week…they recently had a litter of cute little goslings…love ya xxx

    • And you know they are the same geese????

  9. gorgeous picture granny! What is a springbok? Am heading off on a motorcycle trip through the mountains this weekend — will probably get rained on, but hope to get some good pictures. It’s a long weekend here — Labour Day, our last hurrah of the summer. Have a good weekend yourself, have got to find a way to work posting into my routine again. Bye for now,

    • Oh Dear KLRS…wish you hadn’t asked….think of Bambi!

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