Posted by: granny1947 | September 1, 2010

Granny and the move

Hello Everyone.

I forced myself to take Jasmine down to the beach this evening.
It was singularly unpleasant.
There was hardly a soul down there.
Spring might be here but Cape Town hasn’t cottoned onto the fact yet.
A nasty cold breeze was blowing off the sea.
There were huge bluebottles everywhere.
It was like walking through a minefield.
Anyway, I feel virtuous.
That does not happen too often.

Well, my move is almost complete.
The screens to go around my desk have not arrived.
My desk faces into the store.
All my staff sit at their desks,in a long row, facing me.
I feel like a school teacher.
No-one wanted to sit in the front desk.
Like no-one wants to sit in the front pew in church.
I wonder why?
Maybe I should check my deoderant.

The big downside is that my phone has not been connected yet.
First they take away my blogging.
Then they take away my lifeline to the outside world.
Is this allowed?
I am sure there is a law against such cruelty.

Anyway, my back is aching.
I am exhausted.
However, I shall try to visit all of you.
Please forgive me if I miss someone.

Now, another pic for luck.
Because this is MY post and I can!



  1. Well, Gran, the worst is behind you and you must be relieved. Have a good night’s sleep. It’s nearly the weekend. Hope you screens arrive tomorrow. I reminds me of my very first job – just like a schoolroom it was!

    • Hello Adee…my eyes are closing as I type…am off to bed right now…hope I don’t wake up at two again!

  2. You should tell them that you want to be able to read blogs so you can see whom of them are giving away company secrets on the blogs. Tell them you have had an anonymous tip off …

    • Oh Hell Cindy…I hope it isn’t me!!!!

  3. Yoh! You went to the beach in THIS icy weather? Just how much of a sad and sorry face did Jasmine pull to get you to be this nuts? *pulls duvet closer*

    • My halo is shining Frog…actually…I thought she might eat me if I didn’t take her!

  4. No doubt the moving wa all totally unnecessary. It usually boils down to someone with a bee in their bonnet.

    Well done for doing the beach bit – my pooches missed out horribly today.

    • Hello Col…Jasmine has the guilt trip down to a fine art…I couldn’t resist her!!!

  5. Yikes, cut off from the world at work??!! That’s cruel and unusual punishment! LOL You’ll be set up again soon, I’m sure. Another two gorgeous pictures, Granny. Sleep well!

    • Hello RD…the phone is now connected…I don’t feel so isolated!

  6. What a great kick you give to my days, Granny. Facing your staff? Yuk – no wonder you are willing to freeze your toosh on walks with Jasmine.

    Brrr. I’m freezing today, too. Which country stole the warm weather?

    • Hello Souldipper…well it certainly wasn’t us!!!!!

  7. I try and avoid the beach when there are bluebottles around! Have a good day 🙂

    • Hello Tandy…I just did a lot of jumping around…not a pretty picture!

  8. Nobody ever wanted to sit in the front row at school, unless you were teachers pet!

    • Oh gosh Supa…I remember those days!

  9. Morning … pictures are alive I love them. Hope you get yourself connected and settled in soon – moving is always stressful….*love & hugs* xxx

    • Hello NA…phone is now connected…yippee!

  10. Did Jasmine kidnap you again? *sniff*

    • When are you coming over for supper Frog?

  11. OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its eight!!

    • Done!!! just for you Frog!

  12. Spring is almost where you are and fall is just about here. Kind of amazing, when you think of it. Yours is a blog for all seasons. Have a fab day.

    • Hello Amy…thank you so much…as I have turned into a damn weather commentator you will always know what is happening here!

  13. Granny, I just looked up ‘bluebottles’ on Wiki. Yuk! Now I understand the comment about “landmines”. Does Jasmine automatically know to avoid them? Bluebottles, for this Canadian, are huge, loud, bothersome houseflies.

    • Hello Souldipper…Jasmine stepped on one once and did a lot of paw licking…think she is more careful now.

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