Posted by: granny1947 | August 31, 2010

Granny is undecided.

Good Evening All.

So I have been thinking.
Sometimes I do.
I have won this fancy phone.
I live in a shoebox.
Why would I need to carry my phone around with me?
Caller ID would be nice.
I would never have to answer calls if I didn’t like the person.
This never happens.
Only nice people phone me.
If you exclude some of my family members.

Oh let me be honest now.
I really don’t feel like reading the manual.
I have had my new camera since April.
Still have not read the manual.
Don’t even know where it is.
Now THAT would explain some of the shots I take.
Like the one above!

I am tired tonight.
I woke up at two this morning.
Tossed and turned and then came through and fired up the computer.
Went through all my “friends” on Facebook.
When I started on Facebook I went a little crazy.
No…make that VERY crazy.
Did friend requests on all the people FB suggested.
Have no idea who the hell they all are.
They are now history.
I do hope I didn’t delete people I DO know.
At two in the morning my brain is not firing on all cylinders.

And now I am off to bed.
Will read a little Phil Rickman.
That will either scare the hell out of me or put me to sleep.

Tomorrow I move up to my new store.
A major undertaking.
And unsettling.
It will take me a while to nest.

Have a lovely evening everyone.



  1. Good luck with your move tomorrow, Gran. I also have a ‘thing’ about manuals. I only look at them if I have a problem I can’t solve. And I only go onto Fb about once a fortnight, if that! Twitter – well they can go twitter…

    • Hello Adee…don’t tell anyone but I don’t anything about Twitter…don’t want to either!

  2. I think the picture is beautiful! Very dramatic. I, too, only look at manuals when all else fails. Probably why I screw technology up so much. Well, that’s only fair, it likes to screw with me too. Good luck with your move and have a good night’s sleep!!

    • Oh I am so with you RD….technology hates me!

  3. Cordless phones are great for being able to move from room to room. We gave our twin pair away when my mom’s eyes went – the buttons are far too minute for her to see them.
    I would have made you coffee this morning, I was sitting reading the news with my feet up.
    Pfft, manuals are a waste of time and energy! I don’t think I’ve read a single one 🙂
    Good luck with the move tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Hello HP…I just think a cordless phone is a bit silly in this small house.

  4. Only if all else fails do I read the instructions, granny. I just had to know what you were undecided about. Hope the move isn’t too stressful. Hugs to you.

    • High AD…the upside of the move was that everything is clean!

  5. Stunning pic! Don’t read the instructions; they may confuse you and interfere with your taking shots like that!

    Rickman is addictive – and unlikely to lull you to sleep. More likely send you there as a means of escape!

    • I know Col…I really enjoy his stuff…am waking every morning at two….don’t think it is him,though!

  6. Granny, if you take photos like the one above without knowing the manual, the world will be blown off its orbit when it sees the results after you do!

    • Oh wow Souldipper…you are almost convincing me to read the damn thing.

  7. I think it’s a fabulous photo, ignore the manual.
    Good luck with the move, promise I won’t phone you while it’s happening.

    • Thank you Cindy…sometimes I also like my failures!

  8. I love the pic….hope your move went off well 🙂

    • Hi Love…the move went…I am exhausted…now I have no phone!

  9. *rolls in replacement barrel and hides it behind calender*

    How is your grandson enjoying school?

    • Hey Justme….so good to see you…have missed the free booze…have really needed it!

  10. Forget about the manual – you obviously don’t need it. That pic is boootiful!
    Exchange the phone for something useful! Like a breadmaker… I’m dying to get one !

    • Hi Frog…a breadmaker? Not on my bucket list!

  11. Hope the move went well 🙂

    • Hello Bandsmoke…thank you for the visit!

  12. Stunning pic – obviously no manual needed.
    Once bought the boys a present which had to be built – Dad’s job! Anyway after about 2 hours of huffing and puffing (I’m being polite, okay) he picked up the manual which started out : “Now you’ve tried it your way, let’s try it our way!” Laughed a lot at that – my popularity stakes were not high!!
    Have just moved our workshop – so sympathise totally – where did all the junk come from???

    • Hello Wolf….I threw so much stuff into file thirteen…I hope I never need it again!

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