Posted by: granny1947 | August 29, 2010

Granny is back.

Hello Everyone.
I have internet again.

I got up this morning and looked at all my floors.
They needed cleaning.
I am very good at procastinating.
Especially when it comes to housework.

I glanced in the mirror.
Decided I needed to wash my hair.
Had a shower.
The floors still needed cleaning.

Then I decided I needed to paint my nails.
Toes and finger.
Then,as any woman knows, they need to dry.
So I made some coffee,took my book and sat in the sun.

When that was done the floors STILL needed cleaning.
But Jasmine needed a walk so we went to the beach.
We stayed as long as we could but,eventually, I had to come home.
On the way home I stopped for the Sunday paper.
And I read it from cover to cover.

To give you an idea of how much I detest housework I even went out and picked up dogpoop.

Then I did the floors.

Now my back hurts.

You SEE….housework is bad for your health.

After I had done the floors I rewarded myself by going to bed with my book.
I finished off the last book in the Twilight series.
A happy ending.
If it had been a sad ending the author would have received an irate e-mail from me.
Life is full of sad endings.
I need my books to have good endings.
Warm fuzzy endings.
Or at least a good laugh.

So that has been my Sunday.
Live with it!


  1. Yayy to you and your internet being back and double yay to the procrastinating on housework. I think,since Jasmine seems to like exercise, you should just attach some dusters and scrubbers to her paws and let her clean your floors. I’ve entertained doing this with my cats but they’d just look at me indignantly,flop down…and the floors would STILL need cleaning. 😉

    • Hello Morgue…what a brilliant idea…will try it and take pics!
      Seems like it was a case of great minds think alike…I was reading your post while you were reading mine!

  2. :->

    • Uhm…er…is that a smile????


  4. Your Sunday sounds about as eventful as mine! I hardly did anything – and certainly not what I meant to do – lazy day… lovely. Well, there’s always tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Gran.

    • Lazy is good Adee…lazy is GOOD!!!

  5. Sounds like a great day, granny, apart from the floor cleaning, that is. You actually achieved a lot. So pleased your internet is back on. Nice pic of Jasmine. She looks pleased with her walk. Hugs xx

    • Good Morning AD…Jasmine loved her walk…she always does.

  6. The floors should not have won… you folded like a cheap deck of cards…. You weakling! I on the other hand held out and now my floors might be housing various indigenous species…. Just call me your local conservationist….

    Sad endings make me extremely angry as well, which is why I very seldom read Afrikaans books – somehow or other they always have a shitty ending…
    I have been sticking pins in my Telkom Voodoo doll all weekend…. So I’m very very glad to see you blogging again *grin*

    • Morning Frog…your voodoo doll worked…remind me never to get on the wrong side of you!

  7. Great to see you again!

    And to enjoy another pic of your beach and pooch!

    My WP blog has been neglected while involved on various other fronts …

    • Tsk,tsk Col….you must learn to multitask…oh wait…you are a man!

  8. Hey Granny – congrats on your award for photography from Cin. That well deserved award means you do not have to touch that floor for another two weeks!

    • Thank you Souldipper….two weeks….I didn’t intend doing them again before then anyway!

  9. I fail to understand why the floors don’t get seen to by MEX?
    Glad you don’t have to rant to Blue Peter about the interweb connection.
    Have a good week my friend!

    • Good Morning Cin….I am going to request a refund of a week from Telkom!!!

  10. I didn’t do any floors, in fact I did bugger all, all day! 🙂

    • Ahhhhh Supa…now that is my kind of day!

  11. What Linda said…I would never do floors after doing my nails.

    • Good Morning Baglady….I know I did it the wrong way around but the nail polish stayed intact!

  12. Welcome back to cyberworld! I need one of your relaxing Sundays – minus the floor cleaning, of course! I’m planning one for this upcoming 3-day weekend; after that, September & October weekends are already packed! All good stuff but exhausting to think about.

    • Hey RD…never do today what you can put off to tomorrow!

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