Posted by: granny1947 | August 27, 2010

Granny and it’s finally Friday

Good Morning Everybody.

Thank heavens this week is finally coming to an end.
The working part of it,anyway.
The constant noise has me completely frazzled.
And irritable.

I have been completely lost at home too.
Our area has not had internet for two days.
I have not been able to visit all you good people.
So…if you were taking it personally…you can now stop.

I suppose I COULD have done some housework.
But I opted for bed and a book.
One has to have one’s priorities right.

My elder daughter phoned me yesterday.
Said she does not expect me to come up for number seven’s christening on Sunday.
I will feel guilty.
I will fight it.
I was dreading another six hours on the road.
This Granny is getting old.
There…I said it!

I spoke to my Mom last night.
They got an account for the blood given to my Stepdad.
Ouch,eina and shyte.
I would have given it to him for half that price.
Even if I had to walk around with two empty arms.

Now I have to call up my bank account on the internet.
Admire the balance for five minutes.
Then pay it all out.
Start calculating how many days to NEXT payday.

Have a great Friday.
Hopefully we will have internet by tomorrow.


  1. Where can I sell my blood?
    I have no money either.

    Enjoy the weekend, wish I was there.

    • Morning Cindy…wish you were too!!!

  2. I will come with you Cin – jeez – I hope donors still get free blood!!!!

    • I hope so too Misschris…mind you…hope I never have to have additional blood!

  3. Sheesh, that’s expensive blood, to say that they probably got it for free anyway. Sorry you’ve had a trying week. I would take eldest daughter at her word, and miss the christening. you need a relaxing weekend, granny. Hugs xx

    • Good Morning AD…am not going anywhere this weekend!!!!

  4. Eeek! I could have helped with the donation, but then you would have had to worry about Dad getting Mad Cow Disease…. 🙂
    Glad to know that you are not ignoring us! Now who do I call to fix this? Telkom?

    • Hi Frog…AND he might have turned into a vegetarian!
      Yep…apparently Telkom is the villian…again!

  5. Finally I find you. Thanks for the visit.
    Have a super-dooper weekend, Gran.

    • Hey Witch…welcome!!!

  6. I have missed your visits Gran. Do these Health people think money grows on trees? Good grief! Of course they get the blood for free; I think it’s illegal to sell it (and body-parts, lol!). Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend… and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do *grins*.

    • Hi Adee…if Telkom get their act together I will be popping in over the weekend!

  7. Oh my gosh, did they fill him up AND give him a few hundred gallons to spare??!! That’s insane! Medicine has become big business rather than curing. Don’t get me on my soap box! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend Granny – take many deep breaths and let the serenity of that gorgeous view wash over you!

    • Hello RD….isn’t it crazy????They did give him a lot of blood but not THAT much…I wonder how much it is a pint?
      If I take any more breaths right now I will hyperventillate!!!

  8. Hi Gran, please take your award from
    and enjoy!

    • Thank you so much Adee…I DID comment on your page but then got kicked out…hope the comment is still there…bloody Telkom!

  9. I love your photos, Granny. They remind me of the beaches I saw around Cape Town and never had time to walk. Imagine having to forgo one of life’s greatest pleasures while amidst such beauty – now that’s a tease!

    • Good Morning Souldipper…that is just plain cruel!!!

  10. NOOOOOOO!!!! Does this mean that you still don’t have internet? Argh! *stomps off in a show of disgust*

    • Hi Frog…it comes and goes…it is driving me crazy…Mweb says it is Telkom..Telkom says “hai…it ees not us”

  11. lovely poem!

    • You’ve got me Jingle…you consider my scribblings poetry?

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