Posted by: granny1947 | August 26, 2010

Granny’s Trying Thursday

Good Morning All.

This is what our beach looked like last evening.
Today is NOT the same.
It is raining and we have a max of 14 degrees forecast.
You just have to love Cape Town.

Before I go any further, I have a question for those of you who are owned by cats.
How much of the dry pellets do your cats eat?
I fill up Tom’s dish when I get home from work and again before I leave in the morning.
I am beginning to suspect he is bringing friends home for midnight snacks.
He also gets half a pouch of wet food a day.
Can one cat eat this much?

This morning Mex woke me up to say there was something hitting against the door of the second bedroom.
On the inside.
I might have mentioned…Mex is not brave.
I might have ignored it and gone off to work.
However, I keep my clothes in that room.

I,very carefully, opened the door.
Having first gone to the loo.
Just in case, you understand.
Frights can do strange things to one’s bodily functions.
I looked everywhere.
Except under the bed.
There is NO way I can get from my hands and knees to a place of safety at sufficient speed.
I grabbed my clothes and left.
Mex will have to explore later.
hehehe…wonder if Tom brought home a snake?

My walk was sadly interrupted last night.
A woman befriended Jasmine.
Now…I am a sucker for people who like my dog.
She joined me walking.
And she talked.
And talked.
And talked.
By the time we reached the end of the beach I knew her entire history.
The woman is starved for friendship.
She is from Lithuania.
She is getting divorced.
Her daughter is studying to be a doctor.
She has had an op for ulcers.
She showed me the scar.
She asked me my birth sign.
I said Taurus.
Apparently, we make very good friends.
She lives in the same road as my DIL.
I think I am about to have a new best friend.
I MUST learn to nod,smile and walk on.
I will introduce her to DIL(new attitude)
After all…they are practically neighbours.



  1. Morning! have a good day.

    • Hello Supa…over the jetlag?

  2. I would ask NA first if I were you… Btw I also fall under Taurus! I hate to be trapped by someone who just wants to offload. Flew from CT to JHB once and the woman next to me never shut up once. By the time we landed I had such a crick in my neck!

    • Hello Adee…yes I had that once too…trouble was we were in a very noisy spot…never caught half of what the woman said.

  3. Gosh, must have been a very long walk.
    Why would you inflict her on poor NA, what has she done to deserve that?

    Capricorn and Taurus make the best friends.

    • Morning Cin…I was on the beach for over an hour!!!

  4. well, maybe now she has off;loadded she’ll feel better, let’s hope

    • Yeah…except…she has my phone number.

  5. LMAO…. she sounds like the stalker chick from lonely hell… Want me to come and drown her for you?
    I don’t measure the food we put down for the cats because we keep the bowls full. However – are you sure Jasmine doesn’t partake in some kitty cat snack? I’ve seen the innocent look on that dog’s face and there is NO way that she can be that innocent every time you take a pic!

    • Frog!!! Your violent streak is really coming to the fore!
      I DID suspect Jasmine but now she can’t reach it.
      Tom is bringing home friends.

  6. Granny, I’ve missed you. I’ve had to streak through a few of your blogs tonight due to the distractions of a three day conference last weekend and company this week. Don’t like this rushing business. I beach-comb when I have time.

    Tom’s Food Bank. Good sleuthing, Granny.

    • Hello Souldipper…hope you are enjoying the visitor.
      I wonder if Tom charges?
      At the price of catfood I want my share!

  7. We have had to pick the food up at night as we do have visitors and unfortunately they are unfriendly visitors 😦 .. however, this also means that we get woken with the birds (VERY EARLY .. it is still dark) by hungry children .. sigh .. you can’t win
    I sent you a mail .. did you get it ?
    Have a good day

    • Hello Puppy…replied like a good girl!

  8. Don’t blame you for being sacred at things that go bump in the night. My Mom often used to get waylaid by a non-stop talker. She called her “Gramophone Mary.” Hope your day is going well, granny. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD…what can I say…it is Friday!

  9. Good morning Granny! You really should write a book. Your posts are SO enjoyable and your understated way of expressing yourself just intensifies the impact! “Life According to Gran”, perhaps? 🙂 I’ve always been a dog person, so I’m afraid I have no words of wisdom about Tom’s food situation. As for that woman on the beach – it happens to me all the time too. I learned a woman’s whole dreadful life saga once while innocently perusing dog toys in a store. You’re very kind to have listened and shared your phone number; good luck when she calls!!

    • Hello RD….am going to call you that…hope you don’t mind but I am lazy!
      I have forgotten her name…this could be embarrasing!

  10. maybe tom has worms, when last was he de-wormed?

    what was in the bedroom?

    • Nope…he has had all that done…think spring is in the air.

  11. I get embarassed when someone I hardly or don’t know tells me their life history.
    I don’t share mine easily with anyone so it’s uncomfortable for me.
    Maybe rats are feeding off Tom’s food and are also responsible for the bumps in the night.

    • Thank you so much for that mental image Madmom!


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