Posted by: granny1947 | August 25, 2010

Granny’s welcome Wednesday

Good Morning All.
I have a confession to make.
I am very ashamed.
I have not walked for THREE days.
Poor Jasmine.
This is why the above picture is from my archives.
I AM going to walk this evening.
I need it as much as Jasmine does.
Can feel my joints stiffening as I speak.

It is an incredible day in Cape Town today.
We have a maximum of 25degrees forecast.
Winter is hell!

Mex had a cancerous growth removed from the top of his head a couple of weeks ago.
The second time it has grown.
It is nothing to worry about as it is a surface thing.
He got the account yesterday.
R9000 JUST for the theatre.
They didn’t even put him to sleep.
It was done under local.
How do they justify charges like that?
You could go to a five star hotel for the whole weekend for that sort of money.

I think I might just kill my boss.
We are in the process of moving my stores upstairs.
About 5000 stock items to be moved.
Shelves to be dismantled and re-assembled.
It is chaos.
Even my driver is assisting.
Boss comes down and wants to know why we have not done a daily stock count.
The man is not playing with a full deck.


All suggestions as to the best method are welcome!



  1. R9000? Lord, maybe he didn’t tell you there was dinner and a show beforehand?
    Don’t kill your boss, you will go to jail (they don’t allow dogs or wine there) just offer to make him some muffins, chocolate chip ones. And put brooklax in the baking mixture.

    • Hi Cindy…suggestion number one.

      • That is an exceptional photograph by the way!

      • Thanks Cindy…my trusty old cheapo Kodak…now deceased.

  2. Bwahahaha @ Cindy! What a great idea…! I don’t envy you at all Gran – terrible job.

    At least I haven’t had to worry much about hospital charges thank goodness. I think things have gotten all out of proportion now! Who on earth has that kind of ‘spare money’ lying around and for a routine procedure too! Where will it end?

    • Morning Adee…it is very scary…getting sick is for the rich!

  3. Seems us ordinary folk can’t afford to be anything less than in perfect health, granny. Enjoy your walk this evening. I’m sure jasmine can’t wait. Lovely pic again. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD….I can’t wait either…this place is driving me MAD!!!

  4. You take stock daily???

    • Yes Supa….in that way everything gets counted during the year and we don’t have to do a major count…with so many items it would take forever if we had to count them all at once….we count high value items four times a year..lower value twice a year…very low once a year…major work.

  5. Did you see that movie “strangers on a train”??
    Its about two people that meet by chance and then each have their wife murdered by the other. So nobody can tie the murderer with the dead woman. Sounds good huh?
    Want to meet on a train somewhere… I have a boss – you have a boss…. nuff said!

    • Frog…that is a wonderful idea…when and where?

      • Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      • We will include you in our plan!!!

  6. I was thinking along Lynda’s lines – the movie Throw Momma From The Train comes to mind. In fact I think they refer to Strangers on a Train in that movie idea, it’s the same premise. Yes those medical bills are totally out of control, as they are here in the US. Can’t afford to get sick anymore, or should I say can’t afford to get well…. I’ve blogrolled your site, LOVE your pics and posts!

    • Hello Again Raisingdaisy….you are SO good for my fragile ego…hehehe

  7. That is why I ask how much it will be before the procedure. One has to shop around even with hospitals these days.

    As for your boss. Take OC’s advise and stay away from Linda.

    • Good Morning Baglady….but Lynda’s advice sounds like much more fun!!!

  8. Arrange for a poisonous snake to bite him, then drop his disoriented butt off at a very busy ER, telling them he has no insurance. By the time they remember to tend to him, he’ll be deceased and you won’t be criminally charged. 😉

    • I love the way you think Morgue…however…am quite glad we live on different continents!!!

  9. Now I understand why you want to bump your boss off!
    9 Grand? For a procedure done under local anesthetic? That doesn’t sound right at all. I would get Mex to query the account.

    • Morning HP…seven grand for the use of the theatre…total ripoff.

  10. 7k for USING the theatre ?!?!? For that price I expect to buy the whole bloody thing and have free chorus girls thrown in 😉

    Don’t kill your boss – just hurt him verrrry verrrry badly 😉

    • Hello Mrakm…great to see you here…yes…I shall tell him he has put on weight…that will hurt!

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