Posted by: granny1947 | August 23, 2010


Good Morning All.

As you can see…I am not good at taking pictures of people.
I am much better at mountains and the sea.
They don’t move around.
The above is my daughter and my 17 year old grandson.
They both looked lovely.

The wedding went off very well.
There were only about 40 or so people so it was nice and intimate.
As I arrived at the church I was given number seven to look after.
We had hardly sat down when he oopsed all down my shoulder.
His surrogate granny whipped him away to clean him up.
And this was the pattern for the whole evening.
If he cried she took him.
I just loved it.

The service was in English and Afrikaans.
The minister never said “I now pronounce you man and wife”.
Or maybe I just missed it.

We got to the village early.
This meant I got to spend nearly two hours with my son-in-law.
This was about one hour and forty five minutes more than I intended.
It went well,though.
He got a bit of a lecture from me.
I am going to be the proverbial mother-in-law.

After the wedding we went for photos.
This part I DIDN’T understand.
We drove out into the countryside for ten minutes.
To a railway line!
Maybe I have no artistic imagination.

It was freezing.
I can’t wait to see the professional photographs.

We stayed for part of the reception.
The supper was really nice.
We left just before they started the dancing and we didn’t see the cake being cut.
My daughter burst into tears when she said goodbye to her son.
I think he had a huge lump in his throat too.
All good stuff.

The trip back was a nightmare.
We hit torrential rain.
Grandson thought is was exciting.
I was underwhelmed.
We got home after ten.
I am doing it all again on Sunday.
It is the baby’s christening.

Talking about the baby……

He is just so sweet I had to forgive him for the strange odour I had on me all evening.

Now I need to work.

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Well you made it there and back in one piece and the wedding went off smoothly – all good omens for the future… Love your daughter’s dress and what a beautiful baby!

    • Morning Adee…I sure hope so…I think he is a cute kid but I am biased!

  2. That dress is exquisite and the baby is too cute. Sounds like you had a good time. Pity abouit the rain on the way home, but at least you got home safely. Have a good day, granny. Hugs xx

    • Thank you AD…you too love.

  3. Glad you got home safely, I was worried about you.
    That frock is very lovely.
    My, the baby is growing quickly!

    • Morning Cindy…I sent you a missed call…hope it didn’t wake you up?
      He is not even four months yet!

      • And your daughter is already SO skinny again????

      • Tell me about it Justme…took me WAY longer to get back into shape after my kids.

      • Little Madam is 8 and I am still at it LOL

      • Hehehe Justme…I know just what you mean!

  4. Lovely looking blog Gran> A railway line/abandoned factory etc etc is a lovely site for photos.

    Love your description of the wedding, LOVE the baby he is sooo pretty!!

    • Hello there Colleen…so good to hear from you again…your life certainly changed very quickly!Hope you are happy.

  5. Glad you got home safe Granny and that the wedding went off well. Your daughter looked lovely. Baby is beautiful. SD

    • Hi Steph….thank you so much…it was good.

  6. It all sounded great, except for the oopsie and the rain

    • Morning Sidey…it WAS lovely..even the oopsie brought back memories!

  7. Mmmm granny – the part about never hearing the minister reminded me of the saying “none so deaf as those who don’t want to hear”??
    Baby is gorjus!!

    • In which case MissChris….that must apply to my son too…he didn’t hear it either!

  8. Beautiful pics of your family. The baby is way too cute. Your daughter doesn’t look much older than her son — they are both gorgeous. Glad you had a nice time, and I too, think the railway lines would make a lovely backdrop for the wedding photos — the symbolism kind of hits you over the head, but then, that’s what weddings are all about!

    • Hi Kathy….she is 42….I think she is great for her age…lucky bag!!!

  9. Very pretty dress, Granny. I can’t believe how big Seven is getting!

    • Hello HP…he is huge for nearly four months…heavy too!!!!

  10. So enjoyed your post.You are soooo funny!Great that the wedding went off so well and the baby is gorgeous.

    • Thanks bb….I think so too…that he is cute!

  11. One hour and 45 minutes longer than you wanted to spend with your new son-in-law – LOL!! Your daughter looked lovely. Congrats to you and all.

    • Thanks Amy…hope he never gets to read my posts!!!!

  12. The baby made an oopsie on you? Don’t worry – when you are older and suffering from dementia – you will get your revenge! *evil cackle*
    He is gorgeous though – very very cute.
    Daughter looked lovely!!!!

    • thanks Lynda…she did look good…I was very proud.

  13. M and C look stunning and little C has grown so much! Love, your back-to-work-tomorrow DIL xxx – *mwah*

    PS. thanks so, so much for playing Granny’s taxi i really appreciate it

    • It is only a pleasure Sweetheart.

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